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Telik announces data from Phase 1 study of telintra in combination with revlimid

Telik announced positive results from a Phase 1 multicenter dose-ranging trial of the combination of Telintra and Revlimid in patients with International Prognostic System Score Low to Intermediate-1 Risk non-deletion myelodysplastic syndrome. Although Revlimid currently is not approved for the treatment of non-deletion MDS it is used in this setting because of limited alternatives. At the time of preliminary analysis, 4 of 19 patients, or 21%, remain on treatment with continuing clinical benefit. Of 79 cycles of combination treatment administered, only 7 cycles, or 9%, required dose reductions and 10 cycles, or 13%, dose delays. Thirteen patients received the dose selected for further study of 2000/10 mg, and 10 were evaluable for efficacy.