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The State of Electronic Cigarettes According to Andy Gray

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL--(Marketwire - 03/28/11) - Beach Marketing has charted the growth of electronic cigarettes since they first started to become a sensation on the Internet and in select shopping centers in the USA. This report details the current state of electronic cigarettes and polls an expert who interacts with consumers daily in an effort to helping them find the best electronic cigarette according to their budget and smoking preferences.Charts show the interest in electronic cigarettes, commonly referred to as "e cigarettes" started in August of 2008. The then virtually unknown devices, which emit vapor through a battery-powered device but lack most of the harmful carcinogens that tobacco cigarettes contain, started making a presence in retail shopping malls. Research shows a brand called "Smoking Everywhere" was among the first to employ the mall kiosk tactic of reaching consumers, who were stunned by the innovative product which does not emit second hand smoke or need to be ignited by a flame of any kind. Since then, many brands have used powerful Internet marketing campaigns and reached consumers across the globe with their vaporized smoking devices."Blu Cigs was the leader in terms of branding and being out there trying to get attention," notes Andy Gray, who used e cigarettes to quit smoking in 2009 and has been a key advocate of using e cigarettes to improve the environment. "They were a brand that really sought the limelight, and they did a great job of getting their message out there." Following in their footsteps, other companies that have climbed to similar levels of success include Green Smoke, The Safe Cig, and most recently, V2 Cigs. Each brand started their business online yet seeks out alternative distribution techniques to get their message across to the masses of people looking for a flameless smoking experience that can be enjoyed in many of the places where tobacco cigarettes cannot be used.Gray has chronicled the rise of e cigarettes on his information-rich e cigarette review blog. Interacting with consumers and using his blog as an information hub, he has been quoted in more media publications than anyone in the industry. An "expert with a purpose," Gray likes the idea of a society without the foul odors of tobacco cigarettes."At this point in time many new brands are entering the market. While many products are similar, they all employ different marketing techniques and appeal for different reasons. It's also great to see some of the long-time players in the market continue to innovate their product lines and introduce more accessories," added Gray. Most recently, Blu Cigs revamped their popular e cigarette starter kit.Gray's views and opinions can be seen at his electronic cigarette review website as well as in various media publications.