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The Virgin London Marathon Races Past Bradford Outsource Sales London

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - 04/21/11) - The Virgin London Marathon took its annual trip past the offices of Bradford Outsource Sales London this Sunday in a record breaking marathon that saw course and world records being smashed all over the city.Kenyan Emmanuel Mutai ran a race even more blistering than the weather, finishing in 2:04:40, just 41 seconds short of Haile Gebrselassie's World Record. Mutai was followed closely behind by his fellow countrymen ensuring a Kenyan one, two, three.Jake Bradford, Managing Director of Bradford Outsource Sales London, notes, "We are so lucky to be right in the thick of the event, as all of the railings go up on a Saturday afternoon we watch the excitement building. This year with the weather being so incredible we knew that there would be record crowds out but we didn't know there would be so many records broken as well!" From outside the offices of Bradford Outsource Sales the crowds were out in force cheering on friends, family and anyone else that ran past. "When someone didn't have a name on their running vest people were shouting out their charities, I heard one man shout 'Come on green-shoe-laces guy, you're doing great!' laughs Mr. Bradford.Not all of the world records were as serious as the fastest marathon. The Virgin London Marathon also played host to record breakers in all kinds of disguises. David Stone dressed as Superman crossed the line in 2 hours 42 minutes 46 seconds, making him the fastest ever superhero to run a marathon. Martin Indge dressed as an ostrich stayed true to his alter ego's famous speed at in 3 hours 4 minutes becoming the fastest person in an animal costume to complete the grueling 26.2 miles. It wasn't simply about speed however; the very cerebral Uli Kilian from Germany solved 100 Rubik's cubes as he raced around the course, smashing the previous world record by 50.Mr. Bradford believes that it is records like these that make The Virgin London Marathon so special. "Of course we all watch out for the elite athletes as they sprint effortlessly around London but it is the ordinary person doing something extraordinary that makes the event what it is. The decision to run a marathon isn't one people take lightly; it takes a huge amount of dedication to their training and to their chosen charity. What I noticed most as people crossed the finish line was the look of pure elation across their faces. Though many people will be walking like John Wayne for the next few days their pride was the only thing that was noticeable."Amongst the many celebrities that took part this year there was one person who stood out from the crowd. Olympic Rowing champion James Cracknell dashed home in just over 3 hours only 9 months after suffering a horrific brain injury. Cracknell was cycling through America when he was hit on the back of the head by the wing mirror of a truck travelling at 75mph. The accident should have killed him and he has been left adjusting to significant changes to his memory and spatial awareness. Despite the huge hurdles he has had to leap Cracknell refused to be kept back by the warnings of cautious doctors that he was expecting too much of himself.James Cracknell for me embodies the fighting character that we admire so much in business," says Mr. Bradford. "Can't isn't a word that we hear very often at Bradford Outsource Sales London, with determination everything is achievable. Like the team of doctors who nursed him back to heath we also pride ourselves on having the expertise and skill to achieve the very highest standards and success for our clients."