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ThermoPotash Demonstrates Limestone Replacement and Slow Release Properties

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 14, 2010) - Amazon Mining Holding Plc (TSX VENTURE:AMZ - News; "Amazon" or the "Company"), is pleased to report the results of soil acidity tests showing that ThermoPotash has 49% of the pH corrective power of limestone. These results show that a farmer using ThermoPotash as a potassium source can reduce the amount of limestone required to correct the acidity of his soil by 490kg for each tonne of ThermoPotash used.Farmers in Brazil consumed 21 million tonnes of limestone in 2009 to correct soil acidity, this compares to 22 million tonnes of total fertilizer and 7 million tonnes of potassium chloride (KCl). On average, US$20-25 per tonne plus significant delivery charges are paid by farmers to correct the natural acidity of Brazil's cerrado soils and the compounding acid problem created by the use of KCl and other chemical fertilizers. This result quantifies an economic advantage ThermoPotash has over KCl and other potassium fertilizers.The tests were performed by Dr. Gaspar Korndorfer at the University of Uberlandia, Minas Gerais, Brazil in accordance with a recognized industry measure of acidity in soils. Tests were completed using measured quantities of ThermoPotash incubated in acidic soils for 60 days, a clayey soil with an initial pH of 3.8 and a sandy soil with an initial pH of 3.7. After the incubation period was completed, the pH of the soil was measured and compared to establish tables for limestone correction. The results showed that soil pH increased from 3.7 to 5.9 where 200 kg/ha of K2O from ThermoPotash was used in the sandy soil (15% clay content) and from 3.8 to 4.8 in the clay soil (40% clay content).Confirmation of ThermoPotash Slow Release PropertiesAs a follow-up to the nutrient availability tests reported August 11, 2010, Dr. Korndorfer completed similar tests using resin as a soil nutrient extractor, to compare with the initial Mehlich 1 tests. Resin is a much weaker soil nutrient extractor providing a good snap shot of the nutrient that is available in the soil at a given instant. By comparison the Mehlich 1 test is a better measure of total nutrient availability over a whole growth cycle. As expected the slow release properties of ThermoPotash were confirmed, releasing approximately 25% of the available potash in the sandy soil and approximately 40% of the available potash in clayey soil.This result represents the quantifying of another economic benefit that ThermoPotash has over KCl and the other potash fertilizers. While ThermoPotash is produced as a slow release fertilizer, most slow release fertilizers are manufactured by coating conventional soluble fertilizers with polymers to give them slow release properties. The market for slow release fertilizers is established and growing worldwide. Producers of these products enjoy a 30-70% premium on their products over the price of the nutrients contained in their products.Additional TestsTests were also completed showing the nutrient availability of other macronutrients calcium, magnesium and silicon. All were made readily available in the ThermoPotash. Each of these products have recognized markets in Brazil and should be immediately recognized as benefits to Brazilian farmers and blenders.Test work has begun on plants comparing ThermoPotash, KCl, Verdete and no fertilizer. Full results will not be available until November, but the researchers are already encouraged by what they can see. Test work on leaching of ThermoPotash compared to KCl is still yet to be done, results are expected in December 2010. At that time Dr. Gaspar Korndorfer will prepare a report detailing all of the findings of his study.About AmazonAmazon Mining is a mineral exploration and development company founded by Brazilians in 2005. The company is focused on the development of Cerrado Verde project. Cerrado Verde is source of a potash rich rock from which Amazon plans to produce a slow-release, non-chloride, multi-nutrient, fertilizer product. 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