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A Genius Trick to Quickly Undo Typos on Your iPhone

Alyssa Bereznak
National Correspondent, Technology
Yahoo Tech

Typos are an annoying, inevitable part of life. That’s probably why Apple made this quick shortcut (highlighted by Slate’s Future Tense blog) to undo text you’ve typed on your iPhone. It’s really quick, and best of all it involves movement.

If you make a typo, or if you select, copy or paste text you didn’t want to, just shake your phone up and down ever so slightly (as demonstrated below):


In case you didn’t catch that, you should get a message that looks like this (below). Tap the Undo button. The text you typed will disappear, or the text you copy/pasted will be unselected/unpasted.

Serious kudos to Slate’s Future Tense for reminding us that this neat little trick exists.

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