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Watch: A mama bear and her cubs broke in to a home and one parkoured down the staircase

Bear cub parkours down the side of staircase in Lake Tahoe home. (Photo: Facebook, BEAR League)

Homeowners in Homewood, California came home to some bad news bears this week — literally.

A mama bear and her two cubs were enjoying their staycation in a Lake Tahoe home when members of the BEAR League, a local program that strives to keep bears safe among humans, showed up to escort the furry family out of the house and back safely into the wild, according to MSN.

Mama bear and one of her cubs caught on quickly and ran out of the house as soon as BEAR League members arrived, according to their post on Facebook. While Mama bear acted coy “playing innocent,” one of her cubs wasn’t done having their fun.

The young cub, still inside, scurried across the living room and scaled the staircase railing while a man caught the entire encounter on video.

“You better get out of here!” A BEAR League member shouted as the cub began — what can best be described as parkouring — down the side of the stairs.

The cub then jumped to the bottom of the staircase, leaving the man’s visibility and presumably the house.

The BEAR League took to Facebook with the footage writing, “This is a good time to remind second homeowners to seriously consider electrifying vulnerable and accessible doors and windows.”

And with serious matters handled, they acknowledged bears might not make the best house guests either. “It’s no fun having bears in houses,” they said. “They do not tidy up after themselves.”

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