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A New Line of Clothing, Designed Especially for Web Surfing

Rob Walker
Tech Columnist
Yahoo Tech

Courtesy Arcangel Surfware.

Clothing brands routinely reference some kind of leisure activity or “lifestyle” these days — from Lululemon for yoga enthusiasts to DC for skateboarders.

But what about surfwear? Not as in surfing Oahu. As in surfing the Web.

Turns out that Cory Arcangel — a celebrated tech artist who made a splash with his show at the Whitney a couple years back— is launching a line of “surfware.”

That is: These are clothes and accessories for slumping around, binging on Netflix or falling blissfully into some Internet rabbithole that keeps you nearly prone for hours: T-shirts, sweatpants, hoodies, etc., chosen for comfort above all.

Via Cory Arcangel

The “surfware” spelling presumably references software, and suggests that that these garments and iPhone cases and the like are tools for better achieving online-procrastination bliss. As a press release on the new brand’s charmingly ridiculous site puts it: “Arcangel Surfware products consist of everything one needs to ‘chill’ in bed all day and surf the Internet in comfort.”

In other words, it’s a lifestyle brand — the Internet lifestyle.


Via W.

Style-wise, the look draws on Arcangel’s previous work exploring Photoshop color gradients, and he recently told W Magazine that he hopes the garments echo “the stuff that I got at JC Penney’s when I was 12.”

The line debuts on Saturday, May 17, at a pop-up shop/exhibit/event titled You Only Live Once, installed at the Holiday Inn SoHo in New York. Prices range from $39.95 to $495.95.

Can’t make it to the opening? Or you’re just too busy staring into computer or iPad all day? Good news: Next week, the line will also be available online, at ArcangelSurfware.biz.