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A Nifty Shortcut to Faster Internet on Chrome for Android

Daniel Bean
Assistant Editor
Yahoo Tech

You took the first step — buying technology. Now all you have to do is master it. We’re here to help, with tips and tricks you may have missed. If you know them already — well done, guru! If not, there’s no better time to start learning than right now.

Skill Level: Intermediate

If you feel like your Android Web browsing experience could use a boost, here’s a quick tip for you.

As spotted on reddit by Wired, enabling a behind-the-scenes setting on Chrome for Android will allow the app to make use of more system memory, with the end result being smoother scrolling and faster surfing.

The setting is called Maximum tiles for interest area,and it’s located in the Chrome flags menu. To get there, type “chrome://flags” into your Chrome omnibox/address bar. If you scroll just about halfway down the page, you should see the Maximum tiles option.

Tapping the button marked Default will give you a pop-up with options for what appear to be values of memory delegation. If you have a newer phone, like the Samsung Galaxy S4 or S5, or maybe the HTC One or One (M8), choosing 512 for the optimum pop in performance should be fine.

Phones with less RAM, like the Moto G, or any Android device that’s a little longer in the tooth, might not have as much memory to grant to Chrome. If you’re not sure, we’d say testing out the higher setting is worth trying, as it can always be changed if you begin to notice overall phone performance issues.

After selecting your preference of memory designation, you’ll see a Relaunch Now button appear at the bottom of your Chrome window. Tap that to restart your browser, and you’re all set up. You should now notice an improvement in scrolling through larger webpages.

As a bonus tip, may we suggest you take a look at Chrome for Android’s data compression feature? With it, you may be able to cut your wireless data consumption in half, which could mean a smaller bill. Check out more on that feature here.

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