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Aaron Judge goes incognito to ask Yankees fans about Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge has made the New York Yankees the talk of baseball. Behind Judge’s 14 home runs and ridiculous .316/.420/.744 slash line, the Yankees have jumped out to a 22-13 start. In a season in which they are supposed to be rebuilding, Judge has propelled them to contention.

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You would think all that success would make Judge the most popular man in the city. He probably can’t leave his apartment without being mobbed by passionate Yankees fans. You would be wrong.

Judge put on a “disguise” and asked Yankees fans how they feel about him during a segment for “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.” We use the term “disguise” loosely here, as all Judge did was put on a pair of glasses. Despite that, no one seemed to recognize the Yankees star until he connected the dots.

We have to admit, that was pretty amusing. There are a lot of amusing moments, from one fan calling him “Adam,” to the woman at the end who is genuinely excited to be with Judge. But if we had to pick our favorite interaction, it’s the fan in the middle of the video who does a double take once he realizes he’s sitting next to Judge.

This isn’t the first time Fallon has done something like this. New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey appeared in a similar video back in 2013. Things have certainly changed since then.

Aaron Judge is unrecognizable in a pair of glasses. (AP)

We do have to question some of the Yankees fans in the Judge video, though. How do they not realize that’s him? At 6-7, Judge is a monstrous human being, and as they discuss in the video, the gap between his teeth makes him pretty recognizable. Do glasses really make that much of a difference?

Hey, it works for Clark Kent. And given what Judge has been able to accomplish thus far, that’s probably not the last time he’ll be compared to Superman.

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