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Aaron Judge proves he can do more than hit giant dingers

Look, we all know at this point that New York Yankees rookie Aaron Judge is the most impressive thing going in Major League Baseball these days. Go re-watch the Home Run Derby if you need to.

But what makes Judge all the more special — and what might get lost in all of our dinger worship — is that he’s not a one-dimensional player who is all power. Judge is hitting .311 to go with those 30 homers, which is impressive enough for someone with a strike zone as large as his.

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He proved that Monday night against the Minnesota Twins. While patrolling right field for the Yankees, Judge threw an absolute laser to the plate to nail Brian Dozier. Since we like to gawk at the numbers with Judge, you’ll be impressed to know that his throw was faster than a lot of big-league fastballs:

That’s not the highest this season, but it’s still impressive. Brett Phillips of the Milwaukee Brewers owns the fastest outfield throw this season at 102.6 mph. But part of what makes Judge’s throw so impressive is that it was perfectly on target to nail Dozier.

Hey, look, we made it through this entire post without making a legal pun. Almost as impressive as Judge’s throw.

Aaron Judge is more than just homers. (AP)

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