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Aaron Rodgers has an interesting way of handling time outs

Mike Florio

It was a subtle but unmistakable trend, made evident to anyone paying close enough attention on Monday night.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, on multiple occasions, remained on the field during a Green Bay timeout.

Appearing on Tuesday’s PFT Live, Peter King mentioned that he noticed the unusual dynamic once  during Monday night’s game. The video from the game shows it happening twice, possibly a third time.

Typically, the quarterback during a time out walks over to the sideline to talk to one or more members of the coaching staff. While that’s not necessary at the NFL level, given that communication can occur through the quarterback’s helmet (assuming that the pipeline is open before the 40-second play clock engages), quarterbacks usually walk to the sideline during a timeout.

It may mean nothing. Given the broader relationship between Rodgers and coach Mike McCarthy, with Rodgers recently expressing frustrations regarding game-planning and previously articulating concerns about things that squarely fall within the head coach’s jurisdiction, it’s something worth noting, especially as the Packers face a tough stretch of games, including four of the next five on the road, starting with trips to face the Rams and Patriots.