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AB&I Foundry Joins The Sustainability Circle Peer To Peer Program

OAKLAND, Calif., March 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- AB&I Foundry, an Oakland-based company that manufactures cast iron pipe and fittings for the plumbing industry, has joined the REV Net™ Business Sustainability Group, part of the flagship Sustainability Circle® program.

The REV Net Sustainability Circle® program will help AB&I adopt sustainability practices, including behavioral changes in a proven peer-learning model, which are intended to accelerate business impact. The REV Net™ program will enhance existing initiatives while identifying new ways AB&I can reduce and recycle by-products in the manufacturing processes.

"As part of this group AB&I will create a five-year sustainability action plan where key initiatives are identified ultimately driving efficiencies all while fostering a green culture within the company," said Mike Olvera, environmental and sustainability manager of AB&I Foundry. "AB&I is environmentally conscience. Our products are made from 100% post-consumer scrap metal and they're 100% recyclable at the end of their service life."

There are multiple benefits to being part of this program including immediate and long-term efficiencies, new insights and ideas on how to be innovative, improved team member engagement, and the adoption of a comprehensive sustainability plan.

"The manufacturing atmosphere is changing and there are many progressive forward thinking companies like AB&I Foundry that strongly believe in embracing thoughtful sustainability manufacturing practices. AB&I fits perfectly into our sustainability business model and we are excited that they have chosen to be part of our program," said Jenny Sant'Anna, REV vice president of operations. "AB&I's participation in the program and the development of a robust sustainability action plan confirms their strong commitment toward building an environmentally conscientious, resilient, and flourishing future for their business and their community."

About AB&I - AB&I Foundry has been an American manufacturer of cast iron soil pipe and fittings for storm and sanitary drain, waste, and vent (DWV) plumbing systems since 1906. Today's AB&I combines the perspectives and values of its founders with modern methods and technologies. AB&I products are "Made in America" and set the standard for quality and durability. For more information visit ABIFoundry.com. AB&I is part of the McWane, Inc. family of businesses based in Birmingham, Alabama. For more information visit www.mcwane.com.

About REV - REV's flagship Sustainability Circle® program and growing suite of services integrate the best of sustainability with behavior change in a proven peer-learning model to accelerate business impact. The outcome is a five-year sustainability action plan. Since 2011, more than 400 organizations in California and the Midwest have participated in Sustainability Circles with a projected average annual savings of $342,000; 1.4 million kWh; and 3.7 million gallons of water per customer.

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