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Abbyson Unveils Second Evolution of iTable Mini on a Quest for Innovation

·4 min read

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / August 30, 2022 / The California-based furniture company, Abbyson, is introducing the latest iteration of their iTable Mini, a sharp accessory to compliment the classic shapes and silhouettes of their sofas and home furnishings. The iTable Mini 2 is slated for official launch in October, making its debut at the High Point Market in High Point, NC. The development of the iTable Mini is driven in large part by Rodd Rafieha, Chief Sales Officer. His affinity for uniting technology with experiential furniture is a defining feature of Abbyson, a company that has continued to break boundaries and challenge our interactions with everyday utility for over 30 years. As we observe the evolution of the iTable Mini and its counterparts, we begin to see a glimpse of where the furniture industry is heading down the road, and what's essential to the journey.

Abbyson Furniture, Monday, August 29, 2022, Press release picture
Abbyson Furniture, Monday, August 29, 2022, Press release picture

Beginning in 1989, the Abbyson name became synonymous with innovation and creative design. The company introduced the first drop-ship platform for e-commerce markets in 2008, a novel approach in the furniture business at the time. As a domain, e-commerce was just getting started and had barely lifted its feet off the ground. By opening the floodgates and drop-shipping furniture across the country in different retail platforms, Abbyson added wings to the furniture market by making high-quality furniture accessible to anyone, everywhere. Because of this drop-ship model, the company grew by 2000% in 2008 alone.

Today, Abbyson continues to weave their core values into their day's work, especially on the innovation front. 2018 was an integral year in developing and executing the company's iTable Mini, a unique evolution of the classic sofa. First of its kind, the iTable Mini is an integrated bluetooth device that allows a user to play music through their furniture. It can also simultaneously charge any device while activating its bluetooth technology. In one sweep, this item brought an elevated level of functionality to their product line, a sector which has since grown by 300% between 2018-2022.

Keeping in line with their knack for innovation, the new iTable Mini 2 is a smaller version and more discreet than its predecessor. The speakers have been concealed, so the audio is now embedded in the sofas along with a motorized cup holder for weekend sprawls. The new model also comes in white in addition to its existing black palette. This development is part of a larger project at Abbyson, where entire departments and categories of home furnishings are getting the pioneer treatment. The company hopes to expand their inventive nature into new categories in the coming months to sculpt a new era of interior design that speaks to younger generations.

Abbyson Furniture, Monday, August 29, 2022, Press release picture
Abbyson Furniture, Monday, August 29, 2022, Press release picture

The furniture industry is an old soul, servicing the masses even before consumerism took flight. The unique spaces that sofas, dining tables, and bedding coexist with our evolutions is not going anywhere, but how we enjoy those pieces is already on the cusp of a renaissance. As a family-owned purveyor of modern household provisions, Abbyson has been quietly transforming the furniture industry for decades, expertly driving the world's craving for livable spaces that offer something a little extra. This kind of adventurous spirit is crucial for survival, and Rafieha's athletic nature brings a youthful energy to an otherwise centuries-old industry. Rafieha routinely engages in martial arts, MMA, kickboxing, and other sporting activities, which can be at least partially attributed to his fresh perspective on products like the iTable Mini 2. The first of its kind, the iTable Mini collection is a small step into a galactic frontier of experiential furniture. We can expect to see more of this kind of design quality in the future, but someone has to take the first plunge into uncharted waters. Under Abbyson's direction, we can feel confident in our home furnishings and look forward to unique spins on classic designs.


Abbyson is a family-owned and operated purveyor of inventive, modern furniture that unites classic shapes with versatile utility and refinement. Originating in 1989, Abbyson has routinely shocked the furniture industry for over 30 years with swift leadership in developing the first-ever drop-ship model for ecommerce, as well as unique accessories like the iTable Mini. Based out Los Angeles, Abbyson stands as a premiere destination for livable home furnishings from California and beyond, breaking boundaries and borders with creative panache and a fierce loyalty to their extended Abbyson family.


Abbyson Furniture Team

SOURCE: Abbyson Furniture

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