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According to Linnemann Realty Killeen TX, New Homes Present Pros and Cons

KILLEEN, TX--(Marketwire - Mar 18, 2013) - The professionals of Linnemann Realty Killeen TX have plenty of experience in buying a new home versus picking out an existing property. They've offered their comments on an article detailing the pros and cons of each method in a statement to the press. The article from Fox Business, details what buyers can expect when moving into a new home, versus an existing property.

Just a few years ago, builders were creating new residences at rapid rates, making it easier than ever for a homebuyer to move into a brand new property. However, this type of construction stopped short during the recession. Now, builders in some markets are developing a handful of "spec houses" to offer up to potential buyers. This new trend is forcing a house hunter to use their imagination when it comes to picturing their soon-to-be-constructed residence.

For those who find this process difficult, buying an existing home is often a better option. When you purchase an established property, you're able to quickly get a sense of the house, as well as the surrounding area. Danielle Coats, a real estate agent based in Atlanta, comments, "You get to see how mature the neighborhood is."

For those looking for a place with relatively few problems, though, new homes are probably the best choice. A new residence will offer fewer episodes of leaky faucets, cracked foundations, and broken boilers. Builders may also throw in an appliance package or other perks. Though it may be difficult to see what the neighborhood will become, another advantage to selecting a new property is that the purchaser gets to choose the countertops, floors, and other elements of the space.

Yet it is important to note that there are often price restrictions on these types of features. Jessica Riffle Edwards, a real estate agent, says that the builders of a home usually offer standard packages, and when an individual wants something custom, they need to purchase it separately. This is often costly.

The other trouble with a new home is that many brand-new residences that are created in communities look the same. For those who want a house with history and character, this is unappealing.

The professionals at Linnemann Realty Killeen TX have spoken out on the subject stating, "A new home will provide you a relatively repair-free existence in the short term, but that's where the advantages end. The resale market is ripe with repos, short sales, and distressed owners who are letting go of their property for a fraction of its value. Consider the financial security of purchasing a home that you could, if needed, turn around and resell without incident." The team at Linnemann Realty Killeen TX goes on to state, "That's where your focus should lie and that's why, in this market, the resale market gets our vote every time."


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