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Ace Parking Reflects on Time Warner's Customer Service Improvements

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jun 12, 2013) - Ace Parking, a professional parking service that is built on impeccable customer service, is lending its support to a new article that discusses improvements to Time Warner Cable's customer care. The company is making enhancements to its policies in New York City and the surrounding areas after receiving significant complaints from dissatisfied users.

The cable provider is now offering one-hour appointment windows until 10pm on Staten Island, as well as more Saturday and Sunday appointments for those who work and cannot wait for a Time Warner service provider during the day. The organization has also established a new text message communication system that alerts the client when a service technician is on his or her way to their home.

John Quigley, regional vice president of operations for Time Warner, comments on the changes in policy stating, "We've listened to our customers and have greatly revamped our operations to provide far better appointment choices, options, and overall service."

The team at Ace Parking supports these efforts, noting, "As a business that is focused on providing the best customer care at all times, we understand and support the need for improved customer care policies. For large businesses, it can become difficult to ensure that all staff members are representing the organization well during interactions with clients, however this is an important factor in that brand's overall success. Treating clients well earns repeat business and recommendations, so respectful and helpful interactions with all customers are essential."

Time Warner's other improvements include the addition of "The Better Guarantee" which offers a 30-day money back guarantee for clients who switch their service to Time Warner Cable. The policy also features a refund on installation and monthly service charges as part of the guarantee. The business believes that this new addition to their policies helps to emphasize the confidence in the improvements to Time Warner's customer service and operations protocol.

Time Warner explains that the changes in policy also include faster Internet speeds and enhanced entertainment products, including new television viewing apps and expanded On Demand libraries.

Quigley comments, "The Better Guarantee and new window appointments are central to our goal of providing quality service without disrupting the lives of busy New Yorkers. Our nearly 4,000 local employees are committed to help New Yorkers enjoy Time Warner Cable better."

The team at Ace Parking states, "We commend this company for putting the focus back on excellent customer care for all users."


Ace Parking offers a diverse range of parking services, including managing parking lots at offices, retail spaces, hotels, stadiums, arenas, and hospitals. The group is founded on providing excellent customer care, and values building a relationship with each client. Though the team at Ace sees more than 250,000 people per day, they are focused on making each individual's experience with Ace a positive one.