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Achieving Success: The Journey of Former Professional Baseball Player, Shea Alderete

SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / December 23, 2019 / Former semi-professional baseball player, Shea Alderete is known today as the backbone of many leading brands. Shea's network is also firmly rooted in industries such as swimming pool construction, retailing, branding, and medicine.

So far, Shea has taken full advantage of his network to build his empire, and with his superb talent in fulfilling demand, he's found a home in crafting a name for his brand in its industry.

Early Years

Between the years 2000 and 2005, Shea worked in the action sports field as a marketing executive, and with the clothing company, Metal Mulisha as a brand developer.

During this period, Shea noticed the shifts occurring in the action sports industry and found that the crowd's focus has moved to Mixed Martial Arts.

Path Change

After moving from the action sports industry to MMA, Shea became the brain behind a majority of streetwear and MMA brands such as affliction, throwdown, and the hitman fight gear. The MMA industry provided a ground for him to showcase his level of creativity and expertise in the marketing field.

Shea started his marketing firm, Going Digital Media, in 2011. He made full use of well-organized celebrity clients to paint a good picture of himself. Shea also had a knack for technological advances and ventured into the development of applications. One of his innovations was Udesigns. Which gave its users creative liberty and usability- later on, Shea sold this application.

Moving forward

After this, Shea continued to create new paths for His brands and braced up for every challenge, both seen and unseen, that was to come his way.

In 2015, Shea founded Gen X biotech- a firm that deals with the use of plant-based genomes and molecular purification for medical purposes. With its goals for the capital market, Gen X will get much-needed attention because of its impeccable products.

Achieving Success

Right now, Shea is currently working on scaling Gen X biotech and has seen great success. Below he shares some advice for anyone who's striving to attain the same level of success he has.

"Creating for yourself an environment that is free from strain is necessary for general health stability. Many people, in a bid to become successful, neglect their health, and it eventually tells on them.

You might be on that train, telling yourself that you would get rest after the completion of a project, but there is always another project that will get a hold of your attention."

Shea believes that self-care is the most important thing you can do for yourself on your journey to success because there will be no success to enjoy if you are dead.


Name: Shea Alderete
Email: Shea@genxbiotech.com
Company: Gen X Biotech

SOURCE: Shea Alderete

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