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ACLU Challenges President Trump's New Travel Ban

The American Civil Liberties Union announced Friday that it is suingPresident Donald Trump’s administration over itsnew travel ban.

The group isbringing its challengein the U.S. District Court in Maryland. Multiple organizations, including the National Immigration Law Center, are joining the complaint. 

“President Trump’s newest travel ban is still a Muslim ban at its core, and it certainly engages in discrimination based on national origin, which is unlawful,” ACLU executive director Anthony D. Romerosaid in a statement. “Adding a few North Koreans and a tiny group of Venezuelan officials doesn’t paper over the original sin of the Muslim ban. We’ll see President Trump in court — again.” 

The latest iteration of the ban, announced earlier this week, is set to place new restrictions on travel to the U.S. from eight countries starting on Oct. 18. The updated ban removed earlier restrictions on Sudan, while adding North Korea, Venezuela and Chad to the list. Restrictions remain in place for Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Somalia. 

It’s Trump’s third attempt to restrict travel from a small group of countries.

The ACLU and other groups have decried the new version of the ban as just as xenophobic as its earlier versions, which faced legal challenges as to whether the policies unconstitutionally discriminated against Muslims.

“This is still a Muslim ban ― they simply added three additional countries,” said Becca Heller of theInternational Refugee Assistance Projectearlier this week. “Of those countries, Chad is majority Muslim, travel from North Korea is already basically frozen and the restrictions on Venezuela only affect government officials on certain visas. You can’t get any more transparent than that.”

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.