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Acology, Inc. Announces New 4th Generation Medtainer Targeting Private and Compounding Pharmacies, Herbal Pharmacists and Veterinary Clinicians

CORONA, CA--(Marketwired - October 14, 2014) - Acology, Inc. (ACOL), maker of the first-ever polypropylene (PP) airtight, watertight, smell-proof medical grade container, announced today that they are now manufacturing and beginning to deliver the latest design of their signature product, The Medtainer™.

Target markets include Private and Compounding Pharmacies, Oriental and Traditional Herbal Pharmacists, and Veterinary Clinicians. Acology marketing and sales efforts are now focusing on these markets and increasing revenue is expected as distribution climbs in 2014.

This 4th generation container has the same properties that have made the Medtainer one of the most innovative proprietary pharmaceutical containers of 2014. The Medtainer is a #5 polypropylene plastic container that is air-tight, water-proof, smell-proof, and resists cross contamination. The most unique property is the built-in grinding component that can grind herbal medications, pills, coffee and teas.

The new, 4th Generation Medtainer has re-enforced grinding teeth that are intrinsic to the container. In tests conducted by Rein Group Inc., it was established that pills both large and small were easily made into powder form in less than 30 seconds. Enteric-coated pills and pills that are not easily crushed or cut in half were also easily reduced to powder in less than 30 seconds.

The #5 polypropylene plastic interiors that comprise the construction of the Medtainer also enable the reduced substances to pour easily with little residue, allowing for more precise dosages.

For more information on Acology, Inc.: www.acologyinc.com

For more information on the Medtainer: www.medtainer.com

About Acology Inc.

Acology, Inc. is a revolutionary bottle design, manufacturing, branding and sales company bringing to the forefront the first-ever polypropylene (PP) airtight, watertight, smell-proof delivery and storage system with a built-in grinding component. Acology containers give consumers the ability to easily store, carry and consume herbal remedies, pharmaceuticals, teas and any other solid or liquid content. Because Acology Inc. adheres so closely to the rigid compliance standards of the medical industry it can provide the medical professional with the ability to store, mix and distribute medications in solid form without the fear of cross-contamination.

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