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Acorda says data support initiation of current dalfampridine development program

Acorda Therapeutics announced that data showing treatment with dalfampridine improved motor function in a preclinical model of post-stroke deficits have been published online ahead of print on May 7 in Stroke, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Heart Association. The data will be included in the July 2013 print edition of Stroke. Dalfampridine is the active ingredient in AMPYRA Extended Release Tablets, 10 mg. The company said, “These preclinical data showed that dalfampridine can improve motor function long after a stroke, when the natural recovery process has ended and stable deficits are likely to persist over time. The results informed our decision to conduct a recently completed proof-of-concept study in humans, which indicated that dalfampridine improved walking in people with post-stroke deficits...New therapies are needed, and we are moving forward with development of dalfampridine extended release tablets in this indication.”