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Acrostify Lets You Send Secret Messages Through Your Spotify Playlist

Daniel Howley
Technology Editor
Yahoo Tech
Acrostify screenshot

Are you a secret agent with important messages to send but an incredibly limited budget? Fear not, you James Bond wannabe: A new website will let you covertly deliver your classified intel by creating a Spotify playlist that spells out your message using the first letter of each song.

Dubbed Acrostify, the site lets you create acrostic messages by typing your note into a dialog box and simply clicking Acrostify. The site will automatically generate a playlist to match your message. You can then import the playlist to Spotify and share with your fellow agents.

Acrostify lets you choose from 13 musical genres and save your playlist for later use. Created by music technology blogger (and new Spotify employee) Paul Lamere, Acrostify isn’t yet available as a Spotify app, so if you want to use the service to send national security secrets, or just to mess with your friends, you’ll have to visit the service’s website

In the meantime, we’ve embedded a secret message in the playlist below. Get out your decoder rings. 

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