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Active Broadband Networks Implements PacketCable 2.0 Policy Control to Enable Delivery of Carrier-Grade IMS Services Over Cable

FRAMINGHAM, MA--(Marketwired - May 6, 2013) - Active Broadband Networks, an innovative supplier of next-generation service management solutions for broadband providers, today announced that its Active Resource Manager supports the IMS Rx interface as specified in PacketCable 2.0, paving the way for the delivery of IMS services over DOCSIS networks by providing support for PCMM policy control via the Diameter-based Rx interface.

Active Broadband supports PacketCable 2.0 policy control in the company's Active Resource Manager (ARM) platform, which translates IMS policy control requests into PCMM policy actions in the CMTS. The ARM also determines network topology using a unique method that ensures the accurate identification of the network elements where PacketCable 2.0 services are being delivered. The ARM's integrated PCMM policy application manager and policy server component uses this topology information to accurately direct policy control actions to the appropriate CMTS and cable modem.

"A PCMM gate request for a policy control action must be sent to the controlling CMTS for the specified cable modem, but without accurate network topology information, the PCMM policy server won't know where to send the request," said Chris Gunner, chief technology officer, Active Broadband Networks. "Our unique solution for accurate and timely topology acquisition enables PCMM policy actions to be directed to the right device, enabling operators to deliver carrier-grade IMS services over DOCSIS."

About Active Broadband Networks

Active Broadband Networks, an innovative supplier of broadband service management solutions, is helping the world's leading broadband service providers to manage and monetize relentless growth in the consumption of residential broadband Internet. The company's flagship product, the Dynamic Broadband Service Manager (DBSM), uniquely combines peak demand management with differential pricing to align subscriber revenues with capital spending to ensure customer satisfaction and profitable service delivery. Active Broadband Networks is a privately owned Delaware corporation with headquarters in Framingham, MA, USA.