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ActivePoint D2D (Data 2 Display) - New Disruptive Technology Replacing the Designer

NEW YORK, May 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Mobile marketing and ad tech technologies, combined with online and offline sales, are hot investment opportunities as the number of smart devices worldwide continues to grow year after year. SMBs (Smaller/Medium businesses) usually don't have in-house designers and the expensive and complicated software or workforce needed to redesign websites and landing pages every month. The challenge, therefore, is to bring customers to the websites and physical stores. Marketing material was and still is very expensive and time consuming to produce. More often than not, the people producing these pieces are themselves the bottle neck.

ActivePoint, using advanced technology created by its Israeli R&D team, developed its D2D system to enable the SMBs to produce their own marketing material like flyers and catalogs "in house"; simply, very quickly and by virtually anybody.

Moshe Ofer, ActivePoint's CEO explains: "Disruptive technologies displace established ones and shake up the industry. This is exactly the essence of D2D. Being a Cloud based SAAS machine, with D2D you no longer have to work with a graphic artist in order to get the job done. This 'smart machine' has been taught the essence of human beings doing the same job."

Small and Medium Businesses can now spend less money to make more  

John Guenther, Director of Facility Solutions at Storey Kenworthy, agrees with the above. "I am able to create, produce, and print a catalog displaying key products in a fraction of the time and cost as compared to working with a graphics designer. An added benefit is the ability to email the URL directly to our customers or sales professionals.  Customers can then view the catalog on their PC's, or even mobile devices, and place orders online at their convenience. D2D is a driver to sales. Talk about a win-win!"

About ActivePoint 

ActivePoint, the technology leader in automated graphic processes for the creation of product focused PDFs and digital publications, is based in New York, with development facilities in Netanya, Israel and a sales office in the UK. ActivePoint's software is designed to be used by nontechnical individuals. ActivePoint's online customized catalogs service utilizes the latest in rich media functionality and is designed, developed and maintained to answer each industry's specific needs.

ActivePoint is a registered trademark of ActivePoint LTD. 

Ofer Moshe