ACTX Sees the Future of Farming in America's Cities

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Company's GrowPods allow farming of hemp, leafy greens, and certain fruits and vegetables virtually anywhere

CORONA, Calif., March 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Advanced Container Technologies, Inc. (Ticker: ACTX), announced its GrowPods – innovative controlled environment farms – represent the future of farming. These transportable cultivation pods allow almost anyone to start growing leafy greens and certain vegetables in any environment, 365 days a year.

According to ABC News in Denver, shipping container farming provides the opportunity to "grow anything anywhere at anytime." The news station reported on how controlled environment farms can be located in urban areas to provide food to local restaurants and grocery stores.

"Looking at a Colorado used car lot from the street, you see nothing but a shipping container. However when you step inside, it suddenly feels like the future," ABC reported.

GrowPods are insulated, heated and cooled, so they can grow high high-quality produce almost anywhere.  GrowPods can provide year-round, fresh produce for businesses, community groups, entrepreneurs, restaurants, grocery stores, and farmers. Yes, even traditional farmers use GrowPods to supplement their income and grow high-profit herbs and produce year-round.

Restaurants and grocery stores are two common buyers of produce from GrowPods, due to the low shipping costs and the unbeatable freshness of the food.

Take a look at some of the other reasons GrowPods are considered the future of farming:

  1. Easy to Transport  Farms can be located virtually anywhere.

  2. It's a Scalable Model – GrowPods are stackable, so you can easily expand.

  3. Year-Round Operation -  GrowPods are entirely enclosed, so you can harvest all year long.

  4. Robust Harvests -  With an optimum environment and no weather challenges, some shipping container farmers say they are able to harvest upwards of 6,000 plants per week.

  5. They Grow a Better Product – Produce can be grown and picked for optimal freshness, with no pesticides, dangerous chemicals, or contamination from cow manure, air pollution, or nearby farms, making it actually better than organic.  Additionally, buyers will be happy to be able to trace their food and know exactly where it comes from.

  6. GrowPods Help Conserve Water – GrowPods use significantly less water than conventional farming, and the controlled environment prevents wasted resources.

GrowPods are designed and manufactured in America for quality, and can be used by individuals and businesses looking to grow the finest quality hemp, vegetables, and leafy greens.

For information on GrowPods, call ACTX at: (951) 381-2555 or visit:

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