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This Ad Agency Has The Most Passive-Aggressive Parking Rules Imaginable

Jim Edwards

Partners + Napier, an ad agency based in Rochester, N.Y., has come up with an attention-getting -- and super-annoying -- way of enforcing its employees-only parking lot rules at its Atlanta office.

The shop developed a series of "real" looking "no parking" signs of its own, but the language on them contains a series of sarcastic, back-handed insults for anyone who dares park without permission.

One begins, "Parking here will result in a large fine and your vehicle being towed. Think about it. Was it really a good idea to park here? You knew you should have paid the five bucks to park in the lot next door, but your inner cheapskate took over."

Another states, "Have you no soul? If you are willing to park here what else are you capable of?"

A third reads, "There is a ginormous fine for parking here and you will be towed. You think it's OK though, because you're just checking out a condo on the 26th floor.

The agency even has its own equally arch parking tickets, with which it "warns" non-employee offenders. The small print on them says, "It never ends does it, your inner child begging for attention?"

See them all here, courtesy of Ads of the World:




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