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Adam Cam Radiates Positivity With His Aura Bracelets

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Mindful intention in how you think, behave, and act towards yourself and others is a life changing tool. At least that's what Adam Cam, the co-founder of Aura Bracelets, believes. When you first take a look at Adam's Instagram page, it may be tempting to dismiss him as someone who is just a pretty face (and body). But that'd be a mistake. Take a closer look at his IG - which has over 500k followers - and you'll see that maybe part of the reason why he is attractive to look at isn't just because of the way he actually looks. It may also lie in the message he conveys, and the attitude he transmits through his photographs and now through something as simple as handmade bracelets.

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Power of Thought and Attracting The Positive

What message is this? It's a message of positivity, especially the practice of "Attracting The Positive" and the power of thought. This message isn't just popping up in his Instagram feed, but it's actually been part of his work for a long time. Adam has worn many hats: he used to be a personal trainer, and an online fitness coach. His current work as a life coach and motivational content creator espouses his positive mindset as well. But Aura Bracelets takes it to the next level. In late 2019, Adam and his long time girlfriend, Asia, a student-nurse, launched Aura Bracelets.

The vision? To create something that would consistently serve as a reminder to the wearer of a value or mindset they wish to attract. These are bracelets (and also pendants) that, much like Adam, aren't just nice to look at. They serve to motivate and inspire the wearer to embody whatever message each unique bracelet focuses on. Adam and Asia say "our bracelets are souvenirs of the lifestyle we create." That lifestyle, as seen from Adam's IG and from the Aura blog, is one full of intentional thought, focusing on good, and believing in yourself and believing in what your thoughts attract.

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Adam advocates the philosophy that we are what we think, and what we focus our attention and time on. He believes in questioning and examining your thoughts. He says to take time to ask "is what I'm holding on to right now worth space it's taking up?...Take time today to free up some much-needed space in your head and heart."

Using Good Energy In Every Action

Attracting the positive is a simple philosophy to understand, but one that is a little bit more difficult to actually live by if we think positively, then that's what we receive throughout each day, in return. Aura Bracelets act as that physical reminder, to bring yourself back and to recenter on what is important. This may be harmony, or faith, or serenity. They are the physical product of Adam's positive thinking, with the goal to challenge "every human being to keep good energy at the heart of everything they do."
This includes charity work as well: When the dangers of COVID-19 became very much real, Adam and Asia decided to make a commitment. The emotional support charity, Samaritans Emergency Fund is for anyone who is emotionally struggling, needs to talk, or may have suicidal thoughts. In April, for every purchase made with Aura Bracelets, Adam and Asia donated £10.00 to Samaritans - putting forth good energy into an organization that helps others.