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Add Guy Fieri to Every Webpage with the Delightful Fierifyer Chrome Extension

Jason O. Gilbert
Technology Editor
Yahoo Tech

Has the Internet felt boring lately? Lacking spice and delight? Predictable, tedious, and disappointing?

Well, maybe it’s time you threw some DONKEY SAUCE on it.

I recently discovered a Chrome extension called the Fierifyer that has transformed each new webpage into a refreshing and delightful experience. The tool inserts a photo of excitable celebrity chef Guy Fieri, along with one of his trademark ejaculations of enthusiasm, somewhere onto the page you’re viewing.

There is literally no Website that Guy Fieri cannot improve simply by appearing. I love this Chrome extension, and I am going to keep it on my computer forever. (I will definitely delete it within three days.) 

Nowadays, Guy Fieri shows up everywhere. When I go to search on Google:

When I read the latest tech headlines:

When I see what my friends are up to on Facebook:

When I check the weather:

When I’m educating myself about the upcoming presidential election:

Before you scream about in the comments: No, this isn’t new. Eater wrote it about in 2014

I don’t care. I just found it, and I love it, and I want to share my love with all of you. The Fierifyer is totally delightful and has made my Internet lovely and amazing. And it can do the same for you!

Forget Net Neutrlaity. I’m all about Net Fierality. Fierify your Chrome browser here and never look back.