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Add These 3 Letters to Any YouTube Clip to Transform Video to GIF

Daniel Bean
Assistant Editor
Yahoo Tech

We love animated GIFs, and we love how it’s becoming easier and easier to create your own online.

A tool called GIF YouTube has taken almost all the pain and thought out of turning your favorite YouTube clip into a shareable animated GIF. There are really only three simple steps involved.

1. First, load-up the excellent YouTube page of your choosing.

YouTube screenshot showing Wayne's World movie

2. Modify the URL of the page by adding “gif” before the “youtube.com” part, and press Enter.

Address bars showing URLs

::Diddly-doo diddly-doo:: You’ll be transported to the GIF YouTube service, where your clip will be prepped and ready for you to GIF-ify.

GIF YouTube screenshot showing Wayne's World scene

3. After choosing your desired section of the video (with the option to select up to 10 seconds), press the Create gif button and — schwing! — you’ll be presented with a page featuring your final product:

GIF showing Wayne eating Doritos

Shoot the animated image out to your various social media accounts right from the GIF YouTube site via the Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or reddit buttons. You can also right-click or Control-click your new GIF to save it to your PC and share it through other means of your choice (as seen below).

GIF YouTube sharing screen

According to TechCrunch, the service was created by Glyphic, a messaging service centered around GIFs. (Where have we heard of that one before?) And Glyphic has done well: GIF YouTube is probably the simplest GIF-maker we’ve tried. It does, however, offer a bit less precision than a service like GIFFFFR, which also turns YouTube URLs into GIFs, but with a few more steps involved. And if you’re hoping to create an animated image from a non-YouTube video, you’ll still have to turn to something like MakeGIF, a Chrome extension that captures any kind of Web video — not just YouTube — and converts it to a GIF.

We may eventually come across a GIF maker that’s easier to use than GIF YouTube (and monkeys might fly out of our butts). But for now, what are you waiting for? Get started making your own GIFs today, Dreamweavers.


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