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Addiction Expert Offering Remote Interventions Via Zoom and Skype in Response to the New COVID-19 Protocols

LOS ANGELES, March 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Steve Bruno, a 20-year veteran interventionist and author of More Than Hope, a guidebook for families who are trying to help an addicted loved one, is offering remote interventions or extended consultations via phone, Zoom or Skype in response to these new restraints, free of charge for qualified families.

Following orders to shelter in place or self-isolate makes it vastly harder for families to organize an intervention, a time when family members gather together to try and convince a loved one into a treatment center, a place where he or she would be arguably much better off -- with easy access to medical care, where COVID-19 protocols are being enforced; this, as opposed to being isolated at home, compromising his or her immune system by abusing drugs or alcohol. And, acute addiction does not require a blood test; it can be observed.

"Getting addicts and alcoholics into treatment may be more urgent than ever," says Bruno. "We cannot, in our battle with a virus that has killed 400 people in total in the U.S., ignore a disease that already kills -- on average -- that many people in every state, every month and which grows at a rate of up to 30% each year*." 

We cannot drop the ball when it comes to helping those who need to be in treatment. If a family needs to do an intervention, it should not delay that because of the Corona virus. If anything, the process needs to be accelerated. 

Mr. Bruno has years of personal experience with addiction and nearly 20 years as a clinician. He has orchestrated over 400 interventions. He not endorse or represent any one program.

Mr. Bruno has appeared on radio shows such as Insights with David Goldberg, Dare to Be Authentic with Mari Mitchell and The World's Most Amazing People with K.C. Armstrong.

For interviews, please contact Mr. Bruno directly at (747) 220-2287 or write to him at steve@morethanhope.com.  

*According to The National Institutes of Health, deaths from meth, opiates, cocaine and alcohol combined is around 190,000 annually, https://bit.ly/2wsovjF. Add to that the ongoing trend of an annual increase of over 25%, and the prediction for 2020 will be over 4,000 deaths, or 350 deaths per month, per state.



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SOURCE More Than Hope LLC; Steve Bruno