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Addiction Recovery Network Offers Best Addiction Treatment for Opiate Addiction in Canada

TORONTO, March 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Opiate addiction has become a serious problem in Canada even to epidemic proportions and continues to be a problem for many people who seek pain relief. The types of opiates used stem from the legitimate introduction of pain relief medications such as Oxy Contin. Many people find themselves seeking more and more of the drug because of tolerance levels. Many seek drugs on the black market to sustain acceptable levels so that they do not go into withdrawal, many who use recreationally also find the same problem. Those that turn to the black market or buying from the streets, end up with the possibility of putting themselves in a dangerous position, manufacturers of these street opiates often mix it with other substances, making addiction and withdrawal potentially dangerous. The most common street drug of late as well as the most dangerous is Fentanyl. Fentanyl has been the subject of many over dose deaths in the nation within the last 18 months. Finding the right opiate addiction treatment is essential for successful addiction recovery and life saving treatment.

People often fail to realize that they are addicted to opiates because of the way in which they turn to using which is usually by way of prescription for their doctor. Addiction Recovery Network opiate addiction treatment is always the very best addiction treatment focusing on the medical detox through to the recovered or after phase. They are always concerned about the care and wellbeing of every addiction recovery client that goes to any of its Addiction Treatment Centres. The process of Addiction Recovery Network's Addiction Treatment program is as follows:

1.      Intake Assessment

2.      Medical Detoxification

3.      Psychological Assessment

4.      Primary Therapist Assignment

5.      Personalized Addiction Treatment Recovery

6.      Aftercare Planning

7.      Aftercare Program

Their Addiction Treatment is designed to not only get to the root of the problem, which ARN feels is something no 12 step program can provide, but to deal with any concurrent disorder and mental health issues one may be facing. Their program is one of the only evidence based programs in the country with some of the highest success rates in the nation. This is why Addiction Recovery Network is the only Addiction Treatment centre to offer a lifetime guarantee to ensure clients have the full support in their recovery and to further guarantee success.

One of the key elements to success is their aftercare program which is included with every inpatient program they offer. They feel that many recovering addicts fall off success and fall short with other programs offered at many other private centres in Canada because they don't get to the root causes but also because they don't include a comprehensive aftercare program. One other reason to ensure success of their clients is the care and dedication to their family and loved ones through their family program. The family program starts the moment a client checks into one of their centres and extends beyond when their loved one is back and home as well as the future.

Addiction Recovery Network Promise

Addiction Recovery Network promises all of its clients the very best possible care and treatment for alcohol and drug addiction in all of Canada. With all of the highly trained, qualified and dedicated staff that Addiction Recovery Network employs, the very best complete care is available to all those who seek help for drug rehab in Canada. Their resort/retreat style facilities with our top-notch amenities and care ensure the absolute best inpatient care experience for everyone. Remember with the level of drug addiction epidemics in this country, the Addiction Recovery network wants to be the ones known for making sure that this Canadian Addiction problem has a solution. Addiction Recovery network is always dedicated to saving lives.

For the very best solution when it comes to Addiction Recovery, contact us at 1-844-364-3737 or email us at help@addictionrecoverynetwork.ca

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