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Addiction Treatment Pioneer Dr. A.R. Mohammad Implores Legislators to Strengthen Marijuana Laws in Light of New Study

MALIBU, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 30, 2013) - Dr. Akikur Mohammad, Founder of Malibu Horizon, recognized by many as one of the top addiction treatment centers in California, and Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and the Behavioral Sciences at the University of Southern California, announced today that he and his team of addiction treatment experts from Malibu Horizon are encouraging the public to reach out to legislators in an effort to implement stricter laws that severely punish individuals that are caught driving under the influence of Marijuana. According to a recent study, drivers who consume cannabis within three hours of driving are nearly twice as likely to cause a vehicle collision.

One of the world's leading authorities on non 12 step rehab, Dr. Mohammad said, "In light of the recent changes in Marijuana-related law we are seeing across the United States, we seem to be moving in the wrong direction on several levels. Regardless of whether or not Marijuana is legal to purchase and consume, it is still a heavily addictive substance that poses significant threats to those who use it." Mohammad added, "While there are a multitude of health risks for Marijuana users, new research is surfacing that should terrify everyone, especially drivers. Marijuana use nearly doubles the chance of vehicular crashes, which is a horrific statistic considering the fact that global Marijuana use is dramatically rising. Lest we not forget the painful lessons we've learned from alcohol abuse and the massive toll it takes on innocent lives; just because Marijuana is becoming more acceptable, does not mean it is safe to operate vehicles under the influence."

Dr. Mohammad and his Malibu Horizon team will add the topic to their popular town hall events, which are designed to inform the community about the options available when considering proper and effective treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. Mohammad added, "We need to encourage the public and medical professionals everywhere to work with legislators in an effort to build laws that keep Marijuana users out of the driver's seat!"

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