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Adelman Travel and GeoSure Provide Travel Safety Scores for More than 40,000 Neighborhoods through AVA Mobile App

Partnership enables essential localized travel safety information for business travelers using AVA

MILWAUKEE, May 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Adelman Travel, a top 10 travel management company specializing in travel and expense management, today announced it has partnered with GeoSure, the global leader in providing empowered safety awareness for business and leisure travelers. Beginning today, Adelman Travel customers will have access to GeoSure's hyper-local safety awareness functionality for more than 40,000 cities and neighborhoods through Ava, the Adelman Virtual Assistant mobile app.

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"Integrating technology for a better customer experience is our priority, and our partnership with GeoSure will provide our customers with the latest safety information on more than 40,000 neighborhoods and popular destinations worldwide," said Andy McGraw, CEO of Adelman Travel. "Through Ava, we are now able to provide even more services through a single platform for the benefit of our customers."

Adelman Travel gives clients complete control, flexibility and savings over their travel and expense functions, while providing travelers with extraordinary service, efficiency and care. Through Ava, Adelman Travel offers its customers the ability to manage itineraries, book and monitor travel arrangements, maintain profiles and empower their travelers to stay safer and more informed, all from the traveler's Android or iOS mobile platform.

Recently named one of the "Best Travel Apps of 2019" by Newsweek, GeoSure aggregates thousands of data sources and crowdsourcing through its proprietary risk analytics platform. GeoSure utilizes sources such as Interpol, the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. State Department and much more to produce GeoSafeScores™ for nearly every major city and more than 40,000 neighborhoods worldwide. GeoSafeScores™ are presented in a simple-to-understand rating system that ranges from 1-100 (the lower the score, the safer the location), including the first-ever localized Women's Safety and LGBTQ Safety ratings.

"GeoSure incorporates the most comprehensive safety, health and macro data on the market with continuously updated ratings for every major city across the globe, right down to individual neighborhoods," said Michael Becker, CEO of GeoSure. "We are proud to partner with Adelman Travel to help equip, inform and empower travelers, as well as travel managers to optimize decision-making for the smoothest trip experience possible."

About Adelman Travel
Adelman Travel is a Milwaukee-based diversified travel services company. Adelman specializes in corporate travel and expense management, global consolidations, vacations, loyalty rewards travel, meeting and incentive planning, affinity tours and chambers of commerce travel. The company has regional travel solution centers and corporate on-sites in the U.S., with dedicated affiliate offices in Asia, Canada and Europe.


About GeoSure
GeoSure, the leader in scaled, location safety assessment, leverages Big Data, predictive analytics, and AI to calculate location-specific ratings represented as GeoSafeScores™. GeoSafeScores™ are a simple, standardized system that gauges relative vulnerability of traveling personnel or real assets anywhere in the world. GeoSure harvests country, city and neighborhood crime stats, health, economic, political data feeds and much more to generate ratings for over 40,000 locations worldwide.


CONTACT: info@geosureglobal.com  


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