Adnimation's CTV and OTT Solution Enables Publishers to Easily Integrate Google's Video Demand with CTV Apps

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The tool enables CTV publishers to access Google's video demand without a complicated implementation process.

TEL AVIV, Israel, April 19, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Adnimation, an innovative Israeli SaaS-based monetization service and technology company, developed a proprietary solution that enables CTV publishers to easily integrate Google's video demand with their CTV apps. Google operates the world's largest advertising exchange, making it a highly sought-after demand for publishers of CTV apps and OTT content. However, integrating CTV with Google ads requires access to Google's video demand which is both difficult to attain and technically complicated to implement.

In May 2022, Google awarded Adnimation a unique CTV license, enabling publishers who partner with Adnimation to place high priced video ads from Google advertisers within their CTV apps. Currently, Adnimation monetizes more than 1,000 CTV apps. However, the technological steps required to access Google's demand still prove difficult for many publishers, namely the hard-coded integration of Google's PAL SDK and the ability to have Google's demand simultaneously compete with existing third-party server-side ad insertions (SSAIs) and ad servers. Now, with Adnimation's new proprietary solution, CTV publishers can easily integrate Google's video demand with their CTV apps by using a custom wrapper supplied by Adnimation. This allows CTV publishers to access all of the functionality of Google's PAL SDK including seamless integration with third-party SSAIs and ad servers, without a complicated implementation process.

"This new solution is a game changer for publishers of CTV apps and OTT content," said Assaf Kalderon, Adnimation's Executive VP who oversaw the project. "CTV Publishers can now tap into a wide pool of new premium advertisers via Google's demand and increase competition with their existing advertisers, enabling publishers to generate revenue that seemed unimaginable a short time ago."

This innovative solution gives Adnimation's partnering CTV publishers a big advantage in creating competition between advertisers over their video ad inventory. Managing their monetization, Adnimation then leverages this healthy competition into higher priced video ads and eventually into much higher ad revenue.

"Since launching the world's first Google CTV monetization product, we have been contacted by hundreds of CTV publishers looking to access this invaluable demand," said Yakir Biton, Adnimation's Sales Director. "For some, the integration process was too complicated to implement. But with our new solution, we can now provide publishers a simple way to access the world's largest video demand. This is a giant step forward for CTV publishers everywhere."

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