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Adorable 4-Year-Old Does the TZ Anthem Challenge on ‘Ellen’


If you were to name all the things daytime television champion Ellen DeGeneres loves, the list would include scaring celebrities, torturing Matt Lauer, and inviting cute children to dance on her show. The latest kid to bust a move is 4-year-old Tavaris Jones, who participated in the TZ Anthem Challenge.

The TZ Anthem Challenge was created by 15-year-old Zay Hilfiger and is a series of choreographed moves to “Juju on Dat Beat,” which takes its beat from Crime Mob’s “Knuck if You Buck.” People have been making their own versions, kind of like Harlem Shake back in the day. Now that we’ve explained it to the point where it’s no longer cool, make sure you watch Tavaris do it.

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