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Adorable toddler takes over live news broadcast

Little Iris Wronka joined her mom, Lucy, and brother George on British television station ITV’s Lunchtime News to talk about milk allergies, which she and her brother both suffer from. But Iris had no interest in talking about her immune system’s abnormal response to milk. It was playtime. And the anchor, Alastair Stewart, knew exactly what he was getting into when he introduced them.

Iris Wronka attempts to climb on the desk during a live broadcast of ITV Lunchtime News. (Photo: ITV News)

With Lucy and George in their seats and Iris standing in front of the desk, Stewart introduced them, saying, “Joining me now are mom, Lucy Wronka, and her children George, and there right at the front of my desk is the delicious Iris, who will do whatever she chooses to do over the next couple minutes.”

And he was right. Iris jumped around and constantly tried climbing on top of the desk. Finally, just as Stewart was about to wrap things up, Iris succeeded and sat on the desk right in front of Stewart as he said goodbye.

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