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Go Ads Founder, Nicholas Kohlschreiber, on Helping Businesses Optimize Social Media Footprint

SANTA ANA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 12, 2022 / The term "social media footprint" refers to the digital presence of brands, organizations, and individuals on their social media channels. With platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram increasingly linked to our everyday lives, businesses have had little choice but to integrate these marketing channels with promoting their brand, cultivating their reputation, and directly communicating with a broader consumer audience. Nicholas Kohlschreiber, founder of an innovative media company Go Ads, discusses the importance of a social media footprint for brand and reputation management and the ways companies can maximize and improve their online presence.

At the start of 2022, social media had an estimated 4.62 billion users globally, making these platforms a unique space for businesses to connect with their existing and potential customers. Go Ads experts argue that not only does a social media footprint provide worldwide reach, but it is also highly cost-effective. According to personal finance website ValuePenquin, maintaining a strong web presence may even get a person approved for a business loan. Small business lenders such as Kabbage look into a company's social media data when evaluating a loan application. Corporations around the globe are rushing to build up their presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest in order to promote their brand and to develop strong foundational footprints. Go Ads points out that in this rush, what often remains forgotten is the importance of managing and maintaining the content that shapes the brand's reputation. Social media footprint, the trail that companies leave behind through various online channels - whether through a tweet proclaiming a political stance, an unanswered client request, or a controversial image - could become a disadvantage over time if not managed carefully.

Nicholas Kohlschreiber further notes that there are some crucial aspects to consider for maximizing a social media footprint. Posting content is more effective when the timing is calculated based on the hours when a target audience is most active online and when the content is customized according to the format of a particular social media platform. Different platforms require distinct formats, and it is critical to pick the ones best suited to engage users and to promote content sharing. The employment of trending and industry-related hashtags helps to expand an audience and further promote a brand or message. It is important to deliver genuine, high-quality content that humanizes the brand and reflects its vision while maintaining a neutral tone and refraining from controversial subjects.

About Go Ads:

California-based, Go Ads is an internet marketing company specializing in the organic proliferation of new businesses through creative marketing solutions. The company was founded by Nicholas Kohlschreiber, an enthusiast for originality and innovation, who began his career driving traffic for mom and pop shops for their local SEO while leaving school on a soccer scholarship. Kohlschreiber has grown his firm to oversee 800 employees in three different countries and tens of thousands of clients, while seeking to strengthen the connections to the modern communication platforms, including online, multimedia-driven business development.

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Go Ads Founder, Nicholas Kohlschreiber, On Optimizing Brand Marketing Strategies via Social Media: https://www.yahoo.com/now/ads-founder-nicholas-kohlschreiber-optimizing-191500538.html

Go Ads Founder, Nicholas Kohlschreiber, Shares Strategies to Maximize Digital Media Platforms: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/ads-founder-nicholas-kohlschreiber-shares-034500139.html

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