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Adult Acne Treatments for Menopausal, Oily and Sensitive Skin Types -- Presented by Skincare-News.com

SACRAMENTO, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 3, 2013) - When it comes to adult acne, finding an effective treatment can be complicated by factors like sensitivity, oil imbalance and the fluctuating hormones of menopause. The latest article by Skincare-News.com Adult Acne: Treating the Conditions Caused by Menopause, Oily Skin and Sensitive Complexions discusses how adults affected by menopausal acne and sensitive skin can make simple changes in their beauty and lifestyle regimens to minimize breakouts.

It's important to know what makes adult acne different from teen acne. Whereas teen acne requires harsher ingredients, adults need gentler treatments, especially as skin grows thinner and more delicate as it ages. Which products are designed to treat adult acne without irritating sensitive skin? What's the link between menopause and acne, and how can women address other skin changes like rosacea and sensitivity during this transitional time? To find out, visit Skincare-News.com or click skincare-news.com/a-10339-Adult_Acne_Treating_the_Conditions_Caused_by_Menopause_Oily_Skin_and_Sensitive_Complexions.aspx

A clear complexion begins with clean, healthy pores. It may be tempting to camouflage acne with makeup, but many cosmetics can clog pores and further aggravate breakouts. How can women look fabulous while letting their skin breathe? What types of makeup formulas are ideal for adult acne to create smooth, youthful skin without compromising a sensitive complexion? To find out, visit Skincare-News.com or click skincare-news.com/a-10339-Adult_Acne_Treating_the_Conditions_Caused_by_Menopause_Oily_Skin_and_Sensitive_Complexions.aspx

Exercise is essential for a body's health, but sweat can contribute to facial and body acne by clogging up pores, which can lead to breakouts. What are some ways to solve this problem without quitting an exercise regimen? For those who exercise outdoors, how can certain lifestyle choices, like choosing the right sunscreen, hair products, hairstyle and body cleanser help protect and treat acne-prone skin? To find out, visit Skincare-News.com or click visit skincare-news.com/a-10339-Adult_Acne_Treating_the_Conditions_Caused_by_Menopause_Oily_Skin_and_Sensitive_Complexions.aspx

Find answers to many more questions about keeping adult skin youthful, clear and healthy, at any age and with any skin type, by visiting Skincare-News.com or skincare-news.com/a-10339-Adult_Acne_Treating_the_Conditions_Caused_by_Menopause_Oily_Skin_and_Sensitive_Complexions.aspx

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