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How To Advance In Your Financial Services Career

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Working within the finance industry can be a rewarding experience with the availability of scoring positions in prestigious companies with significant room for growth. If you've already secured a job in the financial services world, what can you do to move forward in your career and bring your professional title to greater heights?

Here are 5 ways to advance in your financial services career: 

Sign up for an online degree program.

If you already work a full-time job, it may be hard to find the time to attend classes between work, family obligations, sleep, and other responsibilities. Fortunately, with the increased accessibility of technology today, pursuing a higher education is easier than ever before through online degree programs. Online colleges like Maryville University allow students of all ages from all locations to earn their Bachelor's degree in financial services on their own time and on their own terms. If you already have your Bachelor's degree, consider continuing your educational journey by earning your Master's, which will put you a cut above your competition when it comes to finding a new position or scoring a promotion. 

Earn a new certificate or license. 

Don't feel like waiting years to finish a degree? Take a professional training course to earn a new certificate or license instead. There are various certifications and licenses to choose from, including advising, online finance, or finance marketing. For example, Lynda.com is one of the most popular virtual training courses with thousands of videos to watch and learn from. Adding certifications to your resume is an excellent way to impress prospective employers and qualify for a higher salary when on the job hunt. 

Network with others in your industry. 

Networking with professionals in your industry is a great way to meet people who may introduce you to other people, present you with a new opportunity, or teach you new information. A simple Google search will also show you events happening in your area where you might be able to network with industry professionals in person rather than online, but the easiest way to accomplish this is by using LinkedIn. LinkedIn is helpful for following pros who share expert advice, connecting with other financial services employees and hiring managers, or searching for your next job through its internal Jobs platform. 

Find, follow, and work with a coach or mentor.  

Working closely with a coach or mentor with much more experience in the field will help you take your financial career to the next level. This mentor can be a supervisor at work, a connection on LinkedIn, or a notable professional who you follow on social media. Whoever this person may be, finding and following someone with more knowledge than you is a surefire way to learn valuable information, tips, and tricks on a personal level.

Go to workshops and conferences.

If you already have your degrees and are looking to expand your knowledge of best practices within the finance industry, go to workshops and conferences in your area or across the globe. Registration and attendance fees greatly range in price depending on the popularity, quality, and location of the event, but the return on investment is usually worth the price. Events like this enable you to brush up on old skills, gain new ones, listen to presentations by keynote speakers, and attend workshops that provide you with actionable tasks to bring back to the office (that will be sure to impress your boss and maybe even earn you a raise). 

Whether you're an accountant, a bank customer service representative, a financial analyst, or an investment officer, there are several things you can do to advance in your financial services career. Pursuing an online degree, earning a certificate or license, networking with professionals, working under a mentorship, and attending workshops are just five ways to boost your education and sharpen your skills. 

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