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Advance Funds Network Heats Up the Smart Home Market

BROOKLYN, NY--(Marketwired - Dec 8, 2014) - He might be called "Old Man Winter," but this 2014-2015 winter season has gotten off to a very spry start, as evidenced by recent frigid temperatures and epic snowfalls across the upper Midwest and snow belt Northeast -- Buffalo, New York and the surrounding areas are buried under 60 inches of snow and counting. This incredible snowfall even forced the NFL to move the Buffalo Bills' home game against the New York Jets to Detroit.

After a mild October for much of the Lower 48, the rapid turnaround has been stunning. Practically overnight about half of the country is buried in snow, which is catching many people off guard. In fact, the mercury has gone so low that Lake Superior is already accumulating winter ice. Even for this winter-hearty region, the cold season's energetic arrival on the heels of last year's relentless cold is not inviting. Not surprisingly, the early cold and snow has millions of Americans thinking about their winter heating bills. Even if current home-heating expense forecasts hold, which predict a 15 percent drop in oil prices compared to last year (and smaller decreases for other fuels), every cent adds up when it comes to keeping the arctic cold at bay.

Understandably, those millions of Americans facing the season's chill are turning to new technology for creative ways to save money. Increasingly, one of the ways they're doing so is by monitoring their home heating via smartphone app and remotely adjusting their home's thermostat to account for their needs and comfort while tracking energy usage. This new technology goes hand in hand with the popularity of such conveniences pegged squarely to the ongoing smartphone, wearable-tech, and "smart-home" revolutions (where a host of appliances and gadgets are remotely accessible and programmable). 

Home owners looking for this kind of convenience can turn to California-based thermostat company that recently received $729,000 through Advance Funds Network (AFN). AFN is a leader in providing small and medium-sized businesses the critical capital they need by coordinating expedited business loans.

Winter Winds Can't Chill Improving Small Business U.S. Economy
The success of a company is highly dependent on the overall economic landscape as well as its own industry (and related industry) trends. Encouragingly, these signals are again pointing in the right direction. With unemployment down to a six-year low of 5.8 percent and consumer spending up, a growing number of Americans are in a shopping mood. As demand increases, small businesses are eager to have the financial flexibility to meet those consumer needs. Whether that means hiring new staff, purchasing the latest equipment, opening a second location, or expanding a current building's existing footprint, a $729,000 loan can be the difference between struggling to stay open or breaking into the next revenue tier.

"In today's increasingly linked, synced, and wired world, there's an ever-expanding list of so-called 'smart' products -- and many of those products include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or some other form of near field communications technology," said Mark Salem, an Advance Funds Network representative. "This is a perfect example of this technology put to 'smart' practical use and is an excellent way to help already winter-weary Americans reduce their home heating costs. Providing much-needed funds to this thermostat company is a sound business decision that warms our hearts as much as we hope the company's devices will help warm Americans' homes." 

Whether it's funding $5,000 or $5 million, (so long as your business has a minimum $10,000 average monthly sales, among additional easy-to-meet criteria) Advance Funds Network can secure businesses the unsecured credit lines they need to expand their business. Repayment is possible through fixed payments including, daily, weekly, and monthly schedules, or a percentage of sales, a percentage of credit card sales or a combination of each. Most loans are repaid in six to 36 months.
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