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Should you take advantage of free online poker?

Ross Chalmers
·2 min read

There are numerous ways to begin playing poker. For many casual players their first initiation will be with friends or family in a comfortable setting where they can learn the rules and make many of the basic mistakes that are natural for newcomers.

As players begin to get more advanced they may decide to visit a casino and play with real cash or even enter the online poker world and play small stakes cash games. However, if you want to practice there are numerous offerings of free online poker.

It takes a lot of time and plenty of practice to grasp the nuances of poker. Understanding your relative position on the table, what are good starting hands, plus your betting size all take time, experience and learning from mistakes.

While it may be tempting to practice this when playing for real money, enjoying online free poker can give you the time to master your game. This reduces your risk and, if you lose, will be much less painful than if you were playing for cash. This in turn can help ensure your enthusiasm for the game doesn’t wane the instant you start to play.

Fortunately, the poker community is well known for being extremely helpful to newcomers. There are a variety of tools that players can use to improve their skills. Many players have YouTube and Twitch accounts which provide an excellent insight to help new players understand how a professional poker player analyses his competition and how they play in their tournaments. Hand breakdowns on YouTube also offer an insight on mistakes or great plays that players have made and it does no harm to learn from these pros.

There are also a the wealth of books which have been written regarding poker, and many casinos run tutorials on advanced poker skills.

However, playing yourself is guaranteed to be the easiest and most enjoyable way to learn. Mistakes are key in learning as well. Free online poker allows for these mistakes to not impact you financially and are great for newcomers wanting to learn more. As your skills advance, newcomers can then move onto more complex game types.

Luck is a key element in poker but many players have shown that there is a deep level of skill to the game. Should a newcomer dive in and believe that luck will carry them, they could be in for a rude awakening. This is why free online poker is the ideal setting for players to practice their skills and become better poker players.

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