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How to Take Advantage of Online Bill Pay Reminders

James Floyd Kelly



Manilla offers users two methods for receiving online bill pay reminders and alerts — text message (SMS) and email. You can configure one or both options, and when a new bill or a reminder is ready for you, a text message and/or an email will be generated. Using both SMS and email is a great way to make certain you never miss an important message for your Manilla account.

My wife is OK with me being the one to pay the bills that I’ve linked to our Manilla account, but she’s still a bit nervous about missing a payment, given that many of our bills no longer come in the mailbox. Right now, Manilla supports one email address and one mobile phone number for messages, and my Manilla account’s settings contain my email address and my mobile phone. While Manilla has plans to allow for a second email address to be supported, that feature isn’t quite ready yet. So, in the meantime, what can a person do if they have a spouse who also wishes to receive alerts from Manilla? Well, there are a couple options that come to mind when it comes to email:

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1. Manually forward any email you receive to your spouse’s email address.
2. Use your email software to send a copy of any email message from manilla.com to a second email address.

(When it comes to copying a text message, however, your options are somewhat limited. I’m going to show you one option in next month’s article.)

I’m going to walk you through one solution that uses a Google email (called Gmail) account, but if you’re not a Gmail user, it is possible your email software or service may offer a similar feature as the one I’m going to demonstrate. Let me start with getting an email message from Manilla to my spouse.

First, I need to know something about the email alert that comes from Manilla. As you can see in the image below, the email reminder comes from reminders@email.manilla.com.

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Manilla Reminder email address

Knowing this little bit of information, I can have an email automatically sent (or a copy of the email in question forwarded) to any email address I specify. It starts by clicking the little downward pointing arrow seen in the image above and selecting the Filter Messages Like This option from the drop-down menu that appears as shown below.

Filter Messages

A box will appear like the one shown below.

Create Filter

Notice that it’s already filled in the information related to the origination of the email reminder — reminders@email.manilla.com, so I don’t have to add or delete anything here. I could use the Subject text box to type in a bit of text that must also match (such as “Reminder from Manilla”) but if the text isn’t an exact match, nothing will happen. If I get any reminder messages from Manilla, they’ll most likely come from this email address, so there should be no need to fiddle with these settings. So, I’ll go ahead and click the “Create Filter With This Search” link at the bottom and a screen like this appears:

Set Forwarding

Place a check in the box to the left of “Forward It To:” and select an email address from the drop-down box. Keep in mind that with Gmail you must add a forwarding email address (click the “Add Forwarding Address” link below the “Forward It To:” checkbox) and the owner of that email address will have to verify it’s okay for you to send them email. My wife received an email asking if this was okay, and she agreed.

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I then click the “Create Filter” button at the bottom and now, whenever I receive a reminder email from reminders@email.manilla.com, a copy of that message is forwarded to my wife. Easy!

Next month, I’ll give you a demonstration of a service that will let you send alerts to a second mobile phone if you wish to have a text message sent to a phone other than your own. Stay tuned.

James Floyd Kelly is a technical writer from Atlanta. He is a regular contributor to GeekDad.com and is a life-long devotee to finding new ways to make his work and home life more efficient.  More from Manilla.com: