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Adventure Vision is providing pediatric eye care for medicaid children.

Loveland, CO, Aug. 22, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

On July 29th, Adventure Vision opened the only eye care center in Loveland that caters exclusively to children. As back to school time approaches, the list of tasks parents must complete grows yet few things are more important than ensuring a child has healthy eyes. According to the Center for Visual Impairment, 90 percent of learning requires vision to understand what’s being taught. Across Colorado, there are more than 72,000 low-income children who need some level of vision correction. That’s why it is Adventure Vision’s mission to improve access for all children and increase awareness of how important good vision is. Adventure will be partnering with schools, other providers in the area and community groups to reach as many kids as possible.

 Dr. Michael Pharris, who owns the practice, has been providing an eye care home to under served children for 17 years and is a pioneer in providing the highest quality eye exams and eyewear to communities without access around the country.

 “At Adventure we are really forging a trail in two areas - increasing awareness around the importance of eye exams for kids and increasing access for all kids. We focus on making quality eye care as friendly as it is state of the art because we know that eye doctors can be a gateway for kids to receive better healthcare overall.” says Dr. Pharris.

Another unique feature at Adventure is that patients can choose their eyewear at the practice as well. The office carries the largest selection of frames for children and young adults in the area with more than 500 styles for kids to choose from.

“It was a challenge to find the perfect location in Loveland for our patients, but we believe that being right across from Mountain View High School is a great decision as it will give access to many young adults everyday and allows us to be close if our kids are in need of replacements or adjustments on their frames.” says Kim Ducharme, Vision Program Director at Adventure Vision.

Loveland Location: 3515 Mountain Lion Drive, Loveland, CO 80538, Tel: 970-825-7446

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Every kid deserves great care and that’s why Adventure is 100% focused on delivering high quality care to children in underserved communities. With offices nationwide, Adventure has been helping children ages six months through 20 years gain access to the dental, orthodontic, and eye care they need since 2006. Their kid-friendly offices and caring staff take the fear out of dental and vision visits, making it fun, easy and affordable for children to thrive. Learn more at mydentalvisioncare.com

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Lisa McAlister
Adventure Dental, Vision and Orthodontics