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Advocate Capital, Inc. Celebrates 500th Law Firm Client

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Aug. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Advocate Capital, Inc. is proud to announce that they recently surpassed 500 law firm clients. As fierce Seventh Amendment advocates, they are passionate about supporting plaintiff attorneys as they fight for justice each day for their clients.

Contingent-fee law firms are truly the keys to the civil courthouses in the United States of America. Plaintiff attorneys, like Advocate Capital's client Genie Harrison of Genie Harrison Law Firm, make a huge difference in the lives of their clients.

Attorney Harrison prosecuted an important case involving an Engineering PhD student from China whose PhD advisor sexually harassed her.

Genie Harrison was able to use audio recordings the plaintiff took to get justice for the victim and protect future students from being subjected to the professor's harmful actions.

Attorney Harrison said of the case, "We interviewed some of his prior students and they absolutely went through the same thing and their lives were impacted. They're still ashamed and they look back on their PhD experience with embarrassment. It's a painful part of their lives instead of something that they should rightfully be so proud of, so I'm happy that he's not out there anymore."

Advocate Capital is proud to have over 500 plaintiff law firm clients like Genie Harrison who make a positive impact on their clients and their communities. 

Advocate Capital, Inc. is the premier provider of strategic financial products and accounting services for successful trial law firms. It has served the plaintiff bar for 20 years from its headquarters in Nashville, TN and enjoys a client base that extends nationwide. For more information, visit www.advocatecapital.com or call 1.877.894.9724.

CONTACT: Rachel Markin 
Director of Marketing
Advocate Capital, Inc.


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