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Aerahaus Partners With Tado to Bring Smart AC Control and Smart Homes to Singapore

Singapore smart homes solution provider, Aerahaus, announces it is now the official and exclusive distributor of tado in Singapore. With this partnership, Aerahaus aims to empower all home owners with smart home technology and convenience

SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / December 17, 2015 /

- Aerahaus is awarded official and exclusive distributor of tado
- World's first dedicated device to make any remote-controlled air conditioner smart
- Pre-cools before Home owners get home, saves when Home owners are away by using their phone's location
- More comfort, less energy: reduces your AC's electricity use by up to 40%

Singapore smart homes solution provider, Aerahaus, announces it is now the official and exclusive distributor of tado in Singapore. With this partnership, Aerahaus aims to empower all home owners with smart home technology and convenience.

The Smart AC Control turns air conditioners into smart devices by automatically saving energy when the user is away while ensuring a cool home when they return. tado works by using a user's smartphone's location to automatically adapt their air conditioner to their behaviour. The geo-aware app on their phone senses when they leave the house and turns off the air conditioner. As soon as they start approaching home, tado starts pre-cooling so the user always come back to a comfortable house, without having to lift a finger. With its fully automatic climate control, tado not only makes their home more comfortable, but also helps them to save up to 40% on energy costs.

Aaron, project manager of Aerahaus, commented: "Our cooperation with tado GmbH is definitely another milestone for us. Essentially, the tado Smart AC control bridges the gap between smart living and user friendliness. It relieves the user of costly set up, programming services through a simple app that takes less than 5 minutes of your time."

"With its all year round warm temperatures, Singaporeans have been demanding a smart solution like this. With this partnership we're looking forward to saving Singaporeans money and increasing their convenience while reducing overall emissions for a cleaner and greener city." adds Aaron

Home owners are now able to know what the temperature is at home with their tado mobile app and they are able to easily change the settings. The sleek and elegant tado device also offers a matrix LED display and capacitive touch interface for quick and easy manual adjustments. The tado hardware is already packed with sensors, such as: temperature, humidity, light, noise, motion and BLE. "This device will usher in smart home of the future." explains Aaron. "The beauty of connected devices is that they will get better with every update and all existing users will benefit in the same way as new customers."

Compatible with any remote-controlled wall-mounted, in-window, or portable AC unit, tado is easy to set up. It connects to the air conditioner via infrared (IR) and links to the internet using the home's WiFi - no additional cabling needed. It can be mounted on a wall or placed on a surface. Furthermore, tado can be connected to other smart home products using the popular web service IFTTT (www.ifttt.com).

Peter Lim, a recent user of tado, comments: "tado is smart, easy to use and fits my cooling needs. I love the fact that it has a slim design and does not have any clunky switches, knobs or buttons! More importantly the design fits my minimalistic living room design and it works like a charm."

The tado Smart AC Control is available in Singapore for SGD $319 from http://www.smartaerahaus.com/. The tado app can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android, with a Windows Phone app coming soon.

About AeraHaus

"Smart-Technik-Haus" represents our passion in providing smart home technology in nurturing a new generation of energy efficient solutions. The Aerahaus Smart Division of Southeast Asia, Singapore, aims to promote sustainable living solutions in educating the responsibility of individuals of smarter, greener, and healthier living! Live yours with Aerahaus Smart Solutions today!

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About tado

Based in Germany, Munich, tado is recognised as a leader in Europe providing smart home climate control solutions. Bridging the gap and headquartered in Singapore, Aerahaus is the official exclusive distributor to all tado smart AC controls. Get your tado smart AC control with local warranty and support from Aerahaus Smart in Singapore today!

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