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Affinity Medical Corp. Strongly Positioned to Address Demand for Home-Based Treatment Program for Cancer Therapies

NEW BRUNSWICK, Canada, September 12, 2013 - (ACCESSWIRE) - Affinity Medical Corp. (AFFW); a company focused on creating a network of physicians and treatment centers that offer patients homeopathic, alternative treatments which is an alternative solution to combat cancer, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and many other illnesses; announced today its home-based treatment program to combat cancer, as home-based treatments continue to gain in popularity and attract the attention of patients worldwide. The announcement was made by Mr. Timo Strattner, CEO of Affinity Medical Corp.

As patient inquiries regarding home-based treatments continue to grow, Affinity Medical Corp is strongly positioned to address this trend and offers home-based treatments that include the following:

1. Initial enquiries are handled through +1.800.653.5374 or by email under info@affinitym.com

2. 24/7 support once an approved customer.

3. Back-office support systems that assists home-based patients and encourages them to be proactive in their road to recovery.

4. Supplementary resources ensuring that they have continuous resources for understanding what they will and are experiencing as their body's recover from cancer.

5. A user-friendly platform for patients to enter their test results and upload scans and x rays.

6. An interactive community forum for patients to communicate with other patients and to share information and receive reassurance from others or those who have already completed the treatment program.

7. A platform that allows each patient to include his/her own physician in their treatment plan.

8. Membership in the program is for one year and includes the shipment of the protocol and oxygen generators to certain countries where shipment is allowed.

9. Blood tests are anticipated every 2-6 weeks based on the stage of the cancer.

Significant research findings about home-based treatments can be found in medical journals, studies, reports, and health centers around the globe.

Such an example is the article of The Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare, 2012; 5, which analyzed the effects of an active home-based treatment which, they argue, represents a new model of healthcare. Their findings were that such a program decreased the need to access cancer facilities by 98.1% and promoted better quality of life for patients. This model has allowed patients with difficult access to care (elderly, disabled or otherwise needed caregivers) to receive treatment.

An Association of Community Cancer Centers' (ACCC) survey released at the ACCC 38th Annual Meeting explored how community-based cancer care programs view the concept of the oncology medical home model. The survey of 216 administrators, oncologists and oncology nurses63 percent of whom work in a hospital-based cancer program showed that a large majority (184 out of 254 responses) believe the oncology home model could work in their practice or hospital cancer service line.

Affinity Medical Corp's CEO, Mr. Timo Strattner, said that Affinity's team is working hard in dealing with the positive responses from the past 3 weeks, such as patient inquiries, patient on-boarding, media responses, operational fine-tuning and the opportunity to touch so many lives positively. Mr. Strattner added that there is a continuous ongoing effort to define the company structure to address any surges in patient inquiries and on-boarding going forward.

For more information, please visit http://www.affinitym.com/.

About Affinity Medical Corp

Affinity Medical is focused on creating a network of patient-centric treatment centers dedicated to offering patients homeopathic, alternative treatments of the BX Antitoxin Protocol, which has been proven solution to combat cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and other illnesses. The company's mission is to make its revolutionary treatments readily and easily available to patients across the globe through affiliated and accredited medical networks and clinics. Affinity Medical pursues this opportunity to become the dominant point of reference in its region of operations for the medical communities and their patients that wish to use alternative treatment protocols, such as the BX Antitoxin Protocol.

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