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Affluent Marketing Inc. Is Springfield, IL newest Marketing firm

Springfield MO, Oct. 04, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Affluent Marketing is opening its doors in the Springfield, IL area. Starting in September 2019 they will be adding to the Springfield job market with a People – Focused, Performance – Driven company culture. Their relationship with some of the largest retailers in the U.S. gives them a leg up in the retail marketing industry. Affluent is focused on representing their fortune 100 clients and creating an enhanced customer experience.

Affluent Marketing is forecasting a successful transition. Owner and Founder Brandon Kirkpatrick is coming to IL from Springfield, MO, where he consistently exceeded qualifications and standards that are required to excel in his market. Kirkpatrick mentored for 7 months and earned his promotion to Account Manager in record time. Kirkpatrick believes “if you allow your leader and manager to mold and shape you into more then you are today, you will be amazed by the personal and financial growth you can achieve in this business.” He attributes his recent successes to 3 words; hard work, diligence, and determination. “Aspirations to grow and expand, diligence to work 110% on my goals daily & determination to achieve my goals no matter what, having a never going to quit mentality.”

When asked what challenges he had to overcome to be successful Affluent CEO and Sr. Director, Kirkpatrick Stated “Myself, learning to control my mental state, my thoughts, my words, and actions. You have to have the mentality that I will become better today than I was yesterday.” Brandon Kirkpatrick, Affluent CEO 

The Affluent team plans to hit the ground running, projecting big numbers for the 4th quarter of 2019. The upcoming holiday season brings opportunities for great new talent and high foot traffic in the retailers. This, plus the drive and determination of the company, sets them up for success in this new market. In the coming month's Affluent plans to build a team of excellence and focus on creating leaders to help them expand locally and regionally and nationally.

For more information on career opportunities as well as exciting news and updates, visit affluentmarketinginc.com

901 E. Saint Louis St.
Springfield, MO 65806