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Affordable Wedding Gift Ideas

Jon Lal

A wedding is an occasion that deserves an especially thoughtful gift. This is particularly true if the couple is setting up a new household or getting their feet off the ground financially. However, a wedding gift can be a significant additional expense on top of the clothes and travel guests may purchase to attend the wedding. Here are some cheap wedding gift ideas for the budget-conscious wedding guest:

-- Basic kitchen tools.

-- Bath towels.

-- Bath mat.

-- Breakfast tray.

-- Pillows.

-- White noise machine.

-- Low-cost gear for the couple's favorite activities.

Read on for more information on these inexpensive wedding gift ideas and others.

Affordable Wedding Registry Picks

The easiest place to look for gift ideas is by browsing the couple's wedding registry. That is automatically thoughtful and makes it easy to budget since you can sort most online registries by price. However, the best gifts and the most budget-friendly options often get snapped up first, so be early if you are going to use the wedding registry to shop for a gift for the newlyweds.

Popular wedding registries include these:

-- Wayfair

-- Crate and Barrel

-- Zola

-- Amazon

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If you are a procrastinator, and the wedding registry is no longer a good option, it is time to give the gift more thought. You can still refer to the wedding registry as a list of items not to get since those items may be gifted by other people. And if the couple did not set up a wedding registry, then procrastinator or not, you are on equal terms with the organized guests. Just don't leave shopping so late that you have to pay extra for overnight shipping.

If the couple is setting up a household, you can even shop for a gift by room. If you're going off-registry, consider buying inexpensive gifts for well-trafficked rooms in the couple's home.

-- Kitchen

-- Bathroom

-- Bedroom

Continue on for affordable wedding gift ideas for each room.

Basic Kitchen Tools

For between $20 and $50, you can get any number of items for the kitchen. Serving spoons, pans and kitchen gadgets are great ideas. Storage containers, wine glasses and cutting boards are also good and budget-friendly wedding gift ideas. Stay away from silverware and dishes since those can get pricey.

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Frugal Bathroom Necessities

If the kitchen is not stirring you, buy a cheap wedding gift for the bathroom. Great inexpensive gifts include towels, towel racks, bath mats, soap and toothbrush holders. On the other hand, it is best to not push the bounds of good taste. Avoid gifting anything related to the toilet.

Affordable Bedroom Decor

The bedroom is another room for which you can buy an inexpensive wedding gift. Affordable gifts less than $50 for the bedroom include breakfast trays, blankets, pillows and gadgets such as alarm clocks and music speakers. If the groom is a known snorer, a white noise machine might be especially appreciated. As with everything wedding related, please keep the gift in good taste and avoid anything salacious.

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Low-Cost Gear for the Couple's Favorite Activities

If the couple already has a household, perhaps an activity-based gift makes more sense.

You can shop for an affordable gift for between $20 and $50 for almost every sport and activity. These types of gifts also make sense if your budget stretches to $100. If the couple goes to the beach, hikes, skis, snowboards, bicycles, runs or does any another other sport together, you can get a sports-themed gift.

For beachgoers, a towel, cooler, picnic basket or blanket are all great wedding gifts for less than $50.

For hikers, a fire-starter kit, compass or metal utensils are great gifts at a low cost.

For snowboarders and skiers, hand warmers, goggles and gloves are good gifts that are reasonably priced.

For cyclists, a lock, bell, bike pump or phone holder make excellent nuptial gifts at less than $50.

For runners, socks, beanies headlamps, lights and reflective safety gear all make good gifts within a budget.

If you are still scratching your head trying to think of a gift, you can always get matching T-shirts, mugs or hats, which make excellent gifts without being too pricey. Remember, the best items are those that the couple can enjoy together or are available in a his-and-hers set, so you can avoid the trap of getting a gift that is more for one person than the other.

Finally, remember the three eternal truths about gifting. First, the better you know the recipient, the more thoughtful your gift is likely to be. Second, the worst gift can be made better if you tie a bow around it. Third, if you do make a drunken toast at the wedding, no gift will redeem you. So shop thoughtfully, watch how much you drink and enjoy celebrating the couple starting their new life with a well-chosen gift.

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