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AFPA Publishes Guide to Nutritionist Salaries

SHIP BOTTOM, NJ--(Marketwired - December 14, 2016) - American Fitness Professionals & Associates (AFPA), the industry leader in providing health, fitness, and nutrition certification programs to world-class professionals, today announced it is publishing a guide examining the income potential of nutritionists. The e-book, The Ultimate Nutrition Professional Salary Guide, is available for free download at https://www.afpafitness.com/ultimate-nutrition-professional-salary-guide.

Nutrition is a major factor fueling the health and wellness industry, as well as Americans' desire to take better care of themselves. People generally know they should be eating healthier, but they might not know what that means. The swirl of nutrition information from magazine articles, books, and online can be confusing and contradictory-thus leading to an increased need for nutrition professionals. AFPA's new e-book takes a look at the salary ranges that nutritionists can expect in this burgeoning industry, and delves into the factors that determine income.

Among the guide's features:

  • Key considerations, including location, education, and experience, that affect the earnings potential of a nutrition professional
  • Descriptions and typical salary ranges of five types of nutrition professionals

"Because of the huge boom in wellness, there is a great demand for nutrition professionals," says Amy Occhipinti, M.S., AFPA's Director of Operations. "With every opportunity comes new income potential for nutritionists looking to hone their skills and expand their experience. Our new e-book analyzes these opportunities and offers actionable information people can use as they chart a path through this exciting, emerging industry."

To learn more about this e-book or AFPA's programs and services, visit https://www.afpafitness.com.

About AFPA

American Fitness Professionals & Associates was founded in October 1994 to create and foster an educational environment conducive to the fitness enthusiast and professional. AFPA's goals are to provide fitness, health, wellness, and nutrition distance education programs and certifications; to create and enhance opportunities for professional development; and to maintain the highest level of standards and guidelines for the fitness industry. AFPA has developed and maintained high-quality certification programs and continuing education in a wide variety of disciplines including nutrition and wellness coaching, personal training, strength and conditioning, functional and integrated training, yoga, Pilates, and pregnancy, senior, and youth fitness. For more information, visit https://www.afpafitness.com.