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New Agency Launched to Lead Brand, Marketing and Communications for Science and Research-based Nonprofits and Advocacy Organizations

·4 min read

Focus on accelerated audience and business growth with better public education to rethink the traditional nonprofit marketing and communications approach

New York, NY, April 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (via NGO Wire) A new agency with a special focus on science has been launched and will serve research-based nonprofits and advocacy organizations working on the world’s most urgent and concerning challenges. ScientificBrandsTM has announced that it intends to exclusively dedicate itself to any organization with a mission to save or improve lives, and plans to apply emerging technologies and digital practices to grow brands and audiences more effectively for science organizations.

The founder of ScientificBrandsTM, Dwayne Flinchum, carries a deep passion for driving success of these nonprofit organizations having most recently led marketing and communications at the Child Mind Institute. Flinchum said, “These urgent issues, like fighting climate change and natural disasters, or addressing the threat of disease, water scarcity, food insecurity, treating mental health — as well as the emerging social issues of our time like confronting race, gender and income inequality — deserve powerful brand storytelling and contemporary best practices to educate the public and take these organizations to the next level.”

The new agency will assist all types of organizations including private foundations, large public charities, member-based cause organizations, and professional associations as well as socially responsible companies focused on positive change for humanity.

ScientificBrandsTM will launch as a consortium of professional experts with deep expertise in all aspects of brand communications, from research, strategy, brand development and messaging to content marketing, digital advertising, and web development. “We’re delivering a robust, full set of service offerings and we have convened some of the industry’s top talent in each area and discipline,” said Flinchum. “We’ve done this at a high level and achieved 300-400% YOY growth for our clients, so we know it’s possible. The approach is unlike the countless agencies that are in the market today. We seek accelerated brand and business growth at a remarkable level for our partner organizations. In fact, we want to distill this into a signature, proprietary and scientifically proven model.”

At the core of ScientificBrandsTM is a creative team that for 20 years, as IridiumGroup, served several preeminent private foundations, iconic nonprofit organizations and also Accenture, as the global consulting and technology company grew from 45,000 to a global workforce of 450,000. On the nonprofit side, the firm led brand image-defining initiatives at a high level for American Red Cross, The Nature Conservancy, Simons Foundation, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, The Pew Charitable Trusts, United Nations, and many more. As the founder and president of IridiumGroup, Flinchum recognizes the need to bring more than just creative storytelling. “We want to innovate. We want to apply a new model to this area and set very high expectations — moonshots even. And we want to use data and new technologies to extend their reach.”

ScientificBrandsTM considers itself a rare leader in the discussion to advance nonprofit causes. The thinking is that a conventional approach to building brand awareness is not working in today’s highly fractured, noisy media and information environment. The company will aim to support organizations that are positioned to meet the challenges to save lives, or improve the quality of life at scale. With experienced partners joining the firm, ScientificBrandsTM is poised to help organizations of any size, in any country.

“This work is mission critical across diverse cultures and nations. to all societies. There’s absolutely no reason why these organizations and their causes cannot achieve better funding or a more aggressive approach to their brand — matching the digital-first marketing and advertising practices of their corporate counterparts,” continues Flinchum.”

“They deserve our help,” he adds. “Frankly, the ability to tell these stories and scale audience has been outpaced by the actual science. Today’s philanthropies and organizations need elite agencies and teams dedicated to amplifying their science missions.”

About ScientificBrandsTM
ScientificBrands is a 360-degree brand strategy, marketing and communications team that delivers accelerated business growth for cause-based advocacy and science organizations working to address the world’s most pressing concerns. ScientificBrandsTM applies contemporary best practices and emerging methodologies to support public education, and deliver brand, marketing and communications impact to research nonprofits that seek to advance knowledge and discovery, change the world and improve lives.

Contact: For more information, please contact Dwayne Flinchum, President and Founder of ScientificBrands, at dwayne@scientificbrands.com. Visit ScientificBrands.com to learn more.

CONTACT: Dwayne Flinchum President ScientificBrands LLC dwayne@scientificbrands.com https://scientificbrands.com