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AGNITIO Makes the World's Best Forensic Speaker Verification System Even Better

ARLINGTON, VA and MADRID, SPAIN--(Marketwired - July 09, 2013) - AGNITIO, the world leader in voice biometrics, today announced immediate availability of AGNITIO BATVOX 4.0, the newest release of its forensic speaker verification system. BATVOX is the most widely used speaker verification system in the world, currently in use by more than 50 police departments and other forensic institutions in over 35 countries. The new release of BATVOX incorporates AGNITIO's 4G advanced voice biometrics technology, resulting in significant further enhancements to the system. The improvements are in the areas of security, universal flexibility, and natural ease of use. 

Security of the system is improved with the higher accuracy of AGNITIO's 4G technology, as new algorithms allow for more accurate calculations of Likelihood Ratios (LR's) involved in speaker verification. Universal functionality of the system is expanded with improved flexibility of the technology, evidenced by lower case rejection rate due to less restrictive reference materials requirements. Finally, the 4.0 system version is more natural and easy to use, as calculations are now several times faster due to a number of technology improvements.


"At the National Center for Media Forensics, we have been effectively utilizing AGNITIO BATVOX systems for several years and have successfully completed a number of forensic cases using the system. We have now tested the 4.0 version of AGNITIO BATVOX and are able to obtain accurate results much faster, as well as apply the system to an even broader set of cases."

- Catalin Grigoras, Director - National Center for Media Forensics, University of Colorado Denver

"AGNITIO BATVOX is already the world's leading forensic system for speaker verification. We are now proud to introduce BATVOX 4.0, with an even higher level of accuracy, flexibility, and performance. With these enhancements, AGNITIO continues to stay far ahead of competition in forensic speaker verification systems."

- Emilio Martinez, CEO - AGNITIO

AGNITIO SL is a privately owned company with venture capital funding from Nauta Capital (Spain) and Elaia Partners (France). It is the worldwide leader in voice biometrics technology for surveillance and authentication solutions. AGNITIO's portfolio of products addresses a wide range of government and corporate applications. The company's technology was initially co-developed with some of the world's most reputable police organizations and is currently deployed in over 35 countries. With the capabilities of performing text independent voice verification in any language and across different voice channels, AGNITIO provides the most advanced voice biometric technology currently available for the government and corporate sectors.