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A's agree to buy new phone for Mariners fan after his is smashed by a homer

Oakland A’s slugger Ryon Healy smashed more than a second-inning in Tuesday night’s win against the Seattle Mariners. He also smashed the phone of a Mariners fan who was sitting in the upper deck of Safeco Field where the ball landed.

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As a baseball fan, you should know the rules here: It’s up to you to watch for flying items leaving the field. That includes 443-feet, upper-deck dingers. If your phone gets smashed, that’s nobody’s fault but your own.

But the fan in question — a college student who identified himself as Peter Johnson — wasn’t going to let this go without at least trying to hold the A’s accountable. Even though his phone was smashed, Johnson was able to fire off this tweet from his seat:

The A’s proved they’re nicer about smashed phones than they are about Smash Mouth and told Johnson they’d replace the damage done by Healy’s homer. Their official Twitter account even went and found him in the stands.

That’s nice of the A’s — and a good result for Johnson. The only losers here, really, were the Mariners, who were abused by long balls in more ways than one. They lost 9-6 after two ninth-inning Oakland homers led to a comeback victory.

Hey, Mariners, might be worth tweeting @Athletics and asking for a do-over. They’re pretty generous.

A huge homer by A's slugger Ryon Healy, center, led to a fan's broke fan, left. (AP/@meatpie97)

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